One dead and ten missing in a landslide in Tlalnepantla, north of Mexico City

One dead and ten missing in a landslide in Tlalnepantla, north of Mexico City

A landslide caused by the rains in recent days left one dead and 10 missing in the community north of Mexico City.

Photo: Civil Protection of Mexico / Courtesy

There is at least one dead and 10 people injured after a landslide this Friday as a result of the rains on the hill in Tlalnepantla, north of Mexico City. The landslide also caused rocks of considerable size to fall on the houses in the surroundings. Authorities are still at the scene trying to rescue more people.

At this time our priority is focused on rescuing the people who were unfortunately caught at the scene.“Said Raciel Pérez Cruz, municipal president of Tlalnepantla, in a video message.

The collapse hardly happened, the inhabitants of the area and neighbors of the affected houses came to the rescue of the people. When the Mexican authorities arrived, they asked the citizens to stand aside and allow search and rescue maneuvers to be carried out among the rubble.

Alfredo del Mazo, governor of the State of Mexico, said on Twitter that the rescue forces are working in the “securing the hill to avoid more landslides and the removal of material to locate possible affected people”.

I grabbed my little boy and ran out of the house. Then there was a very big dust cloud, “said Ana Luisa Borges, 39, to The Associated Press. He added that he has three other children who were in school at the time of the event.

Until now, local authorities continue to work on the landslide to find more people who may be under the rubble. Neighbors had also informed the AP that children could be heard under the rubble, however, when they arrived the rescuers removed all the people in the place except for the owners of the affected houses.

Mexico has been severely affected by natural disasters in the last week. On September 7 there was a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.1 on the Richter scale whose epicenter occurred in Acapulco and which also affected part of Mexico City. Authorities estimate that more than 600 homes were left uninhabitable.

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