One-Legged Cuban Defeats the Rio Grande and Border Patrol; today he is already with his family in Miami

Julio managed to reunite with his family the day after crossing the border, his dream is to have a new prosthesis and a better quality of life.


Julio Martinez made a trip of 21 long days, with a backpack, the prosthesis of his left leg and the illusion of meeting his family, he crossed Central America and managed to overcome the dangerous Rio Bravo to reach the United Statesyes

In an interview for Telemundo, Martínez recounted what he experienced during those days, confessing that it was aa “terribly risky” odyssey, he did not know what he would face during the trip and without a doubt, the most dangerous thing was crossing the waters of the Rio Grande, which he managed to cross with the support of two other compatriots.

It was difficult, but always with a positive mind, one achieves any goal one sets for himself.. The most difficult route was the River, in Piedras Negras, the river is unknown to one, but with the help of my companions we were able to reach the other shore.”

One day after crossing, Martínez was reunited with his family in Miami, he points out that his dream is to get a better prosthesis for his leg, have a better quality of life and be able to undertake like any citizen.

For his part, heMartínez’s family received him with retirementone of his daughters posted on their social networks the moment they were able to see him and hug him.

“My warrior, my example to follow, my champion, I love you so much only God knows how much I asked for this moment, days of pain, suffering, worry, but today a great satisfaction. Grateful to God and to everyone who made this great meeting possible and helped my father to move forward.”

The publication on TikTok has more than 2,000 comments, most of them applauding the courage of the man who, even with a physical disability, managed to cross and hug his family again.

This story, portrays thousands of Cubans trying to reach the United States to have a better quality of life.

According to statistical reports, during the first months of 2022, more than 78,000 Cubans have arrived at the United States border.

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