One of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best movies is coming to Disney+

Disney+ keep betting on offer the best content to your subscribers and for proof of this we have the fact that very soon will add ‘True Lies‘, one of the most recognized films by James Cameron with the leading performance of arnold schwarzenegger.

The action-comedy film also starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Arnoldwhich serves as an American version of the French comedy film ‘La Totale!’ premiered in 1994just three years before the Titanic, considered one of James Cameron’s best films.

true lies‘ tells the story of Harry Rehnquista spy who hides his profession from his family due to the dangers in which he is constantly immersed but keeping the secret will not be easy. Without a doubt, this film promises to become the next success of the Disney platform.

‘True Lies’ arrives at Disney+ in Spain

‘Lies Risky’ is now available in the Spanish catalog and it is expected to be available in Latin America very soon. Disney+ offers attractive monthly plans for its subscribers.

According to information circulating on the Internet, which American Post News brings to you, ‘True lies’ is available from last thursday september 15 in the platform catalog at Spain. However, the date on which she will arrive in Latin America is unknown.

Nevertheless, its debut in Latin lands is expected to happen very soon, as happened with Dinosaurs. The emblematic series of the 90’s premiered on the platform in early 2021 but was initially only available in the United States and Canada, which caused the anger of subscribers, who had to wait seven months to enjoy the Sinclair family adventures.

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How much does the Disney+ subscription cost in Mexico?

Disney+ offers attractive monthly plans for its subscribers.

You can not deny that Disney + has become one of the best options to watch series and movies in streaming due to its attractive rate. Remember that the catalog of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic is available at pay $159 MX per month or you can pay $1599 MX for one year of service.

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