One of the biggest tennis champions, Rod Laver, talks about Djokovic’s decision and current situation

Today, Novak Djokovic found out he can not play Australian Open. Further more, he was denied a visa to enter the country. Finally, the authorities decided he should be expelled from Australia.

During one of the shaddiest days in tennis history, the legendary Rod Laver talked about Novak Djokovic, and his question will anger the fans.

Even the legendary Laver was not immune to the events in Australia.

“I think the situation will get ugly. It seems to me that people from Victoria think that it would be nice to see Novak defending the title this year, but again, there is a right and wrong way for everyone” Laver said for the Australian Herold Sun.

He believes that Novak should let us know why he asked for an exemption.

“If there is a reason for the exemption, we should all know what it is. Yes, you are a great player, you have won many tournaments, so is the reason valid. Tell us, Novace, what the problem is” Laver asked.

For now, we know Djokovic talked to his lawyers and does not give up.