One Piece Film Red becomes the highest grossing anime film

After decades on the air, the anime has over a dozen movies under its belt, and entries like Dragon Ball Film: Z gained big when it was released. But in just ten days since its release, One Piece Film Red is now the highest grossing entry in Japan.

The update comes today as Japan’s box office totals for the past weekend were released. After debuting overseas more than a week ago, One Piece Film: Red has earned just over 7 billion yen.

This total is already higher than the previous One Piece bra from 2012. One Piece Film: Z took first place as it earned 6.87 billion yen gross over its lifetime. Next, AmericanPost.News shares more details you should know.

Manga visual of One Piece Film Red by Eiichiro Oda

Fans are waiting to see how One Piece Film Red fares with its international releases. The film has had special releases outside of Japan, but the great Japanese animation title has yet to enjoy a major theatrical release anywhere else.

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Of course, Toei Animation will bring the film to the United States in a short time. And when it comes to the global market, One Piece Film: Red has some high shoes to fill. After all, One Piece Film: Gold grossed 1.71 billion won in South Korea, while the Canadian box office was solid for One Piece: Stampede.

As for other international markets, One Piece: Stampede grossed almost $14.5 million, so only time will tell how the new One Piece movie will fare with its share at the box office. Previously, we shared a beautiful cosplay of Boa Hancock from One Piece: Stampede.

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