One Punch Man 166 surprises fans with the death of Genos

Caveat! next in AmericanPost.News will talk about Major One Punch Man Chapter 166 Manga Spoilers. Who is the strongest figure? And what is the fate of Genos with a body in a destroyed state in this chapter?

Garou had stated in the last panel of the previous chapter that he was ready to commit crimes with his hands at this point. He also realized that his physical changes were something he could control during the conflict.

As a result, by the end of the battle he was confident that he would be able to defeat Saitama. However, Garou didn’t realize that the main hero had just started. It is understandable, since the hero killer apparently killed Genos. Next, we share all the spoilers we know about One Punch Man 166.

What to expect in One Punch Man 166?

Photo: Viz Media / One Punch Man 166 Garou “kills” Genos

This ‘bad villain’ cliché that Garou was trying to sell Saitama was starting to weaken him, and he eventually snapped. Having said that, One-Punch Man Chapter 166 features Saitama’s first attack in the battle.

Will Garou collapse at this point? That question can only be answered with time. Fans will remember this week’s premiere of One Punch Man. Also, the chapter’s focus on Garou makes it even more interesting.

One of the Bang’s sons who stole the show was this week’s shining star. Saitama, on the other hand, has finally shown him who the true ruler is. Garou’s fantasy must rest in OPM Chapter 166.

Accordingly, important information for this chapter is provided below. Saitama’s reversal of Garou’s attack will be explained in a future plot, and fans will be able to follow his lead.

None of these attacks alone are capable of injuring Saitama, as the results show. When he’s upset, things can look a little different. The next episode of One Punch Man is expected to air on Thursday. As a result, this chapter will take two weeks to hit the table.

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Meanwhile, Yusuke Murata had left plenty of material for his followers to debate. Hopefully the next chapter of One Punch Man manga will be released next week without technical issues.

The final release date is scheduled for June 24, 2022. You can find more spoilers and scans of One Punch Man Chapter 166 on social networks like Twitter.

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