One Punch Man faces Garou and Tatsumaki in a strange live-action announcement

One Punch Man has a lot of projects at the moment. From the new manga arc to the announcement about the return of the anime, Saitama is booked right now. This doesn’t even consider the work of the fandom to keep One-Punch Man alive, and right now, it seems like the entire internet is scratching their heads over intellectual property.

Recently, the ONE franchise took over social media when it released a new ad for its latest app. The mobile game promo surprised everyone with its live-action aesthetic, and Saitama even raps directly.

The cringe-worthy clip left anime fans baffled, and now, it looks like another promo for the game has been released… for better or worse. On the other hand, American Post News shares with you that One Punch Man is already working on its live-action adaptation with Hollywood.

As you can see above, the clip is pretty aggressive, as it starts with the real version of Garou throwing a girl against a wall. The guy brags about taking out the monster fighter given his rank in the One-Punch Man: The Strongest game, but even Garou can’t take on this lady’s group.

She pulled out a top-tier Tatsumaki card, and the promo shows that the girl (cosplaying Tatsumaki) took down Garou easily. From her acting to her timing, this live-action promo is so strange to watch.

One Punch Man: The Strongest game image

If it wasn’t for using character names from the One Punch Man anime in this ad, we might think we were looking at an ad for some other Tier D game. But of course, quality issues make it all the better when you consider how much effort must have gone into this wild campaign.