One Punch Man Manga Reveals Its Most Explosive Duo Yet

Warning! next in AmericanPost.News contains One Punch Man Chapter 158 spoilers. Previously, the former hero hunter turned monster Garou revealed a connection to an unexpected hero he clashed with in the past, hinting at a relationship between his powers.

Garou is one of the main characters of the successful manga by ONE and Yusuke Murata, and walk among the heroes and the villains. We previously reported that One Punch Man just introduced a more powerful Centipede in the manga.

Who is Garou in One Punch Man?

Photo: JC Staff / One-Punch Man Season 2 Spoilers for One Punch Man 158 (Photo: VIZ Media)

Garou, former student of S-class hero Silver Fangis a martial arts prodigy who, due to a strong but twisted sense of justice, hates heroes and actively seeks them out.

After a series of gruesome fights and near-death experiences, Garou broke through his “limiter,” a natural obstacle to an individual’s growth, and gained incredible power, at the price of becoming almost entirely a monster.

During his days as a “Hero-Hunter”, Garou clashed with the S-Class Rank 15 Metal Bat Hero, seriously injuring him, but now the two have teamed up to take on the threat of the monster Sage Centipede. For more information, check out our 10 interesting facts about S-Class heroes.

Spoilers for One-Punch Man manga Chapter 158

Spoilers for One Punch Man 158 (Photo: VIZ Media)

During the current Monster Association arc, Garou was caught up in the battle between the heroes and the monsters. In his desire to fight stronger opponents, he battled Monster King Orochi, being beaten nearly to death, but after recovering he underwent full “monsterification”, gaining amazing strength.

However, after both Orochi and his mastermind Psykos were defeated (by Saitama and the combined efforts of the S-class heroes, respectively), a new threat emerged: a colossal creature calling itself the Sage Centipede.

To protect some bystanders, including a boy he had been involved with in the past, Garou stepped in and confronted the creature, receiving unexpected help from Metal Bat, who had just come out of the hospital Garou put him in. You can watch this moment in One Punch Man anime season 2 on Netflix.

After some understandable bickering, the two team up, but Sage Centipede’s sheer size, tough armor, and regenerative abilities make him a difficult opponent. Finally, Garou and Metal Bat combine his attacks, revealing something unexpected about his powers.

Metal Bat, in fact, fights using something he calls “fighting spirit”, which makes him stronger the angrier he gets and the more damage he takes. This is very similar to Garou’s own power-up process during a fight and his “break limiter”.

In chapter 158, comments provided during their fight explain that despite the vast difference in raw power between the two, the nature of Garou and Metal Bat’s power is extremely similar. Because of that, their attacks resonated and amplified each other, to eliminate Sage Centipede’s regenerative core.

While Metal Bat was still eliminated during the confrontation and Garou continues to fight, the revelation that their powers are similar opens up interesting questions about the nature of the heroes’ powers and their relationship to the “monsterification” process.

All S-class heroes have surpassed the inherent limits of a human body in one way or another, just as Garou did on a much larger scale. Metal Bat’s “fighting spirit” is just a way to circumvent human limits, but for a limited period of time.

One Punch Man also has a hero who has hypothetically completely removed his “limiter” and gained unlimited strength: the protagonist Saitama. In fact, Saitama from One Punch Man is so strong that he can now perform miracles.

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