One Punch Man’s Blast Powers

Many fans believe that One Punch Man Blast It is equal to Saitama’s. He doesn’t appear in the manga until chapter 139 and the anime has only mentioned him somewhere in the range of heroes.

Blast as Saitama and only demonstrated his power once in OPM’s webcomics. Your design in the manga was created by artist Yusuke Murata and this one is very different from the original designed by ONE.

Saitama and Blast finally meet after having certain encounters with the Monster Association (CADRES). Next, AmericanPost.News He shares details of his powers and combat prediction with the hero for fun.

One Punch Man Blast Theory

One-Punch Man’s Blast theory was shared by a user on Reddit. This tells us that Blast would be Saitama, since Blast is powerful (physically strong), so much so that Fubuki says that he could defeat all the other S-Class heroes; which includes King, who is a representation of Saitama.

Some people believe that Blast is a character called “Bearded Worker”. But he is in contact with the Hero Association and spoke with Tatsumaki face to face. While on the webcomic, Tatsumaki doesn’t know where he is or when he will return.

Blast was the guy who appeared in the Boros prophecy, Garou is out of the picture as he wasn’t even born and Saitama was a little boy. You can see Blast from One Punch Man reading the manga on VIZ Media.

Blast vs Saitama

Saitama vs Blast Who Wins? (Image: VIZ Media)

In the opinion of fans on Quora, Blast is quite a mysterious character, and it looks like the writers might be grooming him to be a bigger threat. Could Blast be more powerful than Saitama?

In a Blast vs Saitama fans share that “Blast is ahead of Saitama when it comes to other abilities, as Fubuki said, like the ability to command billions of robots, he possesses psychic powers, he shoots lasers through his eyes; all those cool things. “

However, we cannot forget about Saitama’s greatest power: One Punch (a single hit that defeats any enemy). In conclusion, Saitama would defeat Blast. The protagonist has a larger circle of boundary-breaking power than Blast. For more information, you can read about 5 characters who have experienced the devastating power of One Punch Man’s Blast.

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