OnlyFans withdraws and says it will continue to allow the creation of adult content on its platform

A few days after announcing that it would no longer allow the publication of sexual content on its platform, Onlyfans communicated that it will always not apply restrictions and that content creators will be able to continue doing it as they have been doing and that was one of the reasons why the social network became so popular.

The London-based company announced on Wednesday that remove the ban on posting sexual content explicit, which was scheduled to go into effect on October 1.

“Thank you all for making your voices heard. We have obtained the necessary guarantees to support our diverse community of creators and we have suspended the policy change planned for October 1. OnlyFans is synonymous with inclusion and we will continue to provide a home for all creators, ”the company said on Twitter.

With the announcement, creators will be able to continue disseminating their content to their millions of subscribers that have generated so many profits and subscribers for the digital company, especially in times of pandemic.

Just last week, the company had made it known that it would ban the publication of sexually explicit content from October 1, causing the anger and concern of many. creators and sex workers who have found in Onlyfans a way to earn income.

OnlyFans had argued that it would no longer allow such content due to pressure from financial service providers and investors.

OnlyFans was founded in 2016 and claims to have 150 million users worldwide, in addition to its clientele growing at a rate of half a million per day.

The platform is associated with around two million creators, including rapper Cardi B and boxer Floyd Mayweather, as well as adult film stars and personalities who looking to earn extra money with their popularity and talents.

Thousands of people have indicated that they have left their jobs because they have found in Onlyfans a way that allows them to pay their expenses and better manage their time.

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