Onondaga County sheriff’s deputy fatally shoots two teenagers in Dewitt, Syracuse in a suspected stolen vehicle

Sheriff's deputy in Onondaga County fatally shoots two teens during a suspected burglary call; resident's footage awaits public release.

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, two teenagers were fatally shot by an Onondaga County sheriff’s deputy amidst a potentially escalating situation in the Syracuse suburb of Dewitt, New York. The unfolding scenario began with what appeared to be a stolen vehicle and a burglary investigation.

A Disturbing Dawn Incident

The deputy, who has yet to be identified, was responding to a 6:30 a.m. call regarding individuals transferring items between two vehicles. This activity was spotted close to the scene of two recent tobacco store robberies in the area. Upon approaching the scene, the deputy found himself facing a rapidly intensifying situation.

Tobias Shelley, the sheriff overseeing the case, recounted the deputy’s ordeal, explaining that as the officer neared the suspected vehicle, the driver made an attempt to escape, subsequently cornering the officer. “He had nowhere to run. This all (happened) in seconds,” Shelley was quoted by Pix11. In the face of apparent danger and feeling trapped, the deputy discharged his weapon three times.

Although the deputy’s body camera was not activated during the incident, a local resident’s footage captured the shooting. This evidence remains withheld from the public as of now.

The Aftermath and Investigations

Following the chaotic scene, the vehicle involved was discovered over a mile away on a Syracuse street. Tragically, it bore the aftermath of the confrontation: two teenagers, their identities and exact ages yet to be disclosed by authorities, with one already deceased and the other succumbing to injuries at a nearby hospital. The state Attorney General’s Office, responsible for probing deaths involving law enforcement, has taken charge of this case.

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Complicating matters, a third individual believed to have been present in the vehicle at the time of the shooting remains elusive. Additionally, the second vehicle involved in the initial report of suspicious activity has not been located. Notably, both vehicles had prior reports of being stolen.

Sheriff Shelley, during a subsequent press conference, did not delve into specifics regarding the tactical choice of the deputy to use his firearm. However, he did mention having viewed the available footage numerous times, concluding that the officer “had no options.”

As per standard protocol following incidents involving deadly force, the deputy is currently on paid administrative leave pending further review.

Seeking Answers and Accountability

While investigations continue and many questions remain unanswered, this event stands as a stark reminder of the complexities and split-second decisions law enforcement officers often face, and the tragic outcomes that can ensue.