OpenAI’s ChatGPT introduces Bing integration in its latest iPhone and iPad app update

Enhanced AI interactions with Bing in ChatGPT's iOS update. Exclusive to Plus subscribers, it redefines your AI search experience.

ChatGPT’s iPhone and iPad app was updated to add a feature allowing it to add Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, within its system, thereby improving search results on topics.

How it will work

The OpenAI app arrived a few weeks ago on iOS devices, being the first official ChatGPT app for cell phones since many fake platforms were created due to its boom.

The latest update will integrate Bing “to get complete answers and current perspectives on events and information beyond the model’s original training data,” the app posted on the App Store.

This enhancement will be available only to users who pay the Plus subscription for $20 per month, which also implements the GPT-4 model, the latest company design.

Other features available will be faster responses, limited chatbot queries, and priority access to new features.

El buscador le permitirá a la IA tener resultados más actualizados. (Pexels)
The search engine will allow the AI to have more up-to-date results. (Pexels)

To take advantage of the search engine, one must enable browsing in the ‘New Features’ section within the platform settings. Then you have to select GPT-4 in the model modifier for the chatbot and, finally, choose ‘Explore with Bing’ from the drop-down menu.

This addition is a product of the alliance that OpenAI and Microsoft have had for some months now, which has allowed the search engine to have its chatbot generate text and the Redmond-based company to integrate artificial intelligence into other proprietary platforms such as Teams, Office, and Outlook.


The update that brings this feature adds to the application an improvement in the search history. Now when you click on the search result, you will be taken directly to the corresponding point in the conversation, making it easier to browse previous chats.

This app is exclusive to iPhone and iPad, while ChatGPT continues working to bring it to Android devices in the future.

El buscador le permitirá a la IA tener resultados más actualizados. (Pexels)
The search engine will allow the AI to have more updated results. (Pexels)

What ChatGPT looks like on iPhone

The application can be downloaded for free, although only on Apple ID accounts in the United States. To use it, it will be important to provide the following data: contact information, identifiers, user content, usage data, and diagnostics.

Screenshots ChatGPT iPhone app

Once inside, the platform synchronizes the account history with the other devices on which the profile has been opened. Additionally, it integrates Whisper into its open-source voice recognition system, which allows voice input and makes communication with ChatGPT very natural, so you don’t just use the telephone keyboard.

With this chatbot, you can do everything the application allows in its web version: make searches, make requests, create long texts, generate conversations, and request recommendations, among other options.

Screenshots ChatGPT iPad app

ChatGPT Plus subscribers get exclusive access to GPT-4 capabilities, early access to features, and faster response times on iOS. OpenID also indicates that Android users will be the next to enjoy the ChatGPT tool, as it will be coming soon to the devices.