Opera presented a browser for Android and Windows dedicated to cryptocurrencies

Opera presented the first version of its new browser called Opera Crypto Browser which is designed to provide a better experience when browsing the web3. This is how the third generation of the Internet as we know it is known, which will allow users to have more control over their data.

Its developers claim that the new browser represents a step forward in the evolution of the Internet.

It is specifically designed to work with a variety of decentralized applications, or dApps, as well as to provide deeper functionality than a traditional browser that has a basic web wallet plugin.

As part of the attractions of the new program highlights the incorporation of elements such as Cryptocorner, an information aggregator with news related to the crypto ecosystem such as the price of cryptocurrencies, the status of the commissions to carry out transactions and educational content.

Another novelty of Opera Crypto Browser is that you own a virtual wallet which is not a simple extension with this functionality, but rather an integrated system within the program itself. This offers the user an additional layer of security when handling their digital assets.

The browser also includes a new native non-custodial crypto wallet that allows you to access your crypto or log into dApps directly from the browser, without installing any extensions.

However, they clarify that this does not imply that users cannot install extensions of other virtual wallets such as Metamask. This option will also be available as part of the functionalities of the new software.

The developers promise that the experience users will have will be even better once the final version of the program is released which will have a greater range of functions.

They indicated that the Crypto Browser is available for Windows operating systems, in the case of desktop computers, and Android for the mobile segment. They expect the iOS version to hit the market soon.

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