Or Rei confirms why he was hospitalized

  • After confirming that the ex-footballer was admitted to the hospital, it is revealed what causes led him to that condition
  • Pelé confirmed to the media that it was all an operation to remove a tumor in the colon
  • “Fortunately, I am used to celebrating great victories with you.” O Rei mentioned

Pelé gave his fans a great scare, after confirming that he had been hospitalized but it was not known what had happened. The ex-footballer confirmed through his social networks what caused him to be admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo; O Rei, confessed that he is recovering from an operation to remove a tumor that was located in the colon.


The soccer star mentioned in the brief statement he shared on social networks that he was very well and in recovery. In addition, he mentioned that he personally thanked all the good wishes that his fans left after hearing the news of his intervention and reiterated his affection to the audience.

Pele hospitalized colon tumor: The statement

Pele hospitalized colon tumor: The statement
Photo: Instagram

The 81-year-old former soccer player confirmed through a statement on social networks how he was in health. At first, he thanked his followers for the enormous expressions of affection and also his family who have been aware of his health and how he is evolving after the successful surgery they performed.

He commented on his networks that the tumor they found in his colon had been detected a week before and for this reason, he decided to undergo surgery. In the next few days, he will continue to be hospitalized, where they will evaluate how he is evolving and, above all, the risks that there were due to said tumor. Filed Under: Pele Hospitalized Colon Tumor

Pele hospitalized colon tumor: “I thank my doctors”

Pele hospitalized colon tumor: "I thank my doctors"
Photo: Instagram

On his Instagram, he explained what happened to his health and above all, the surgical intervention he underwent. For this reason, in the first instance he wanted to thank his medical team that had been assisting him in this medical intervention and of which he could only give good details since they are working for him to improve.

“My friends, thank you very much for the messages of affection. I thank God for feeling very good and for allowing Dr. Fábio and Dr. Miguel to take care of my health ”, he mentioned the Black Pearl at the bottom of the image that he uploaded on his Instagram profile, where he detailed how it was he was after being hospitalized this weekend. Filed Under: Pele Hospitalized Colon Tumor

Pele hospitalized colon tumor: The operation he underwent

Pele hospitalized colon tumor: The operation he underwent
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The King of Soccer, in his social networks explained what had led him to undergo surgery. In the post he published on Instagram, he highlighted that they did it to remove a suspicious tumor that was in the colon; For this reason, you must remain under medical observation to evaluate your health.

“Last Saturday, they operated on me to remove a suspicious lesion in the right colon.”, Confirmed the 80-year-old former soccer player, who remains hospitalized in Sao Paulo, Brazil. So far, it is the first statement he makes on social networks where it can be confirmed what condition led him to this situation. Filed Under: Pele Hospitalized Colon Tumor

Pele hospitalized colon tumor: Last week’s mention

Pele hospitalized colon tumor: Last week's mention
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Previously, the ex-footballer had already mentioned that in the routine tests he undergoes, his doctor found a suspicious ‘body’ inside his colon and he wanted to share this news with his fans. For this reason, his hospitalization was alarming since it was thought that a tragic event had occurred with Pelé, when the intervention was tried to prevent him from reaching adults.

“The tumor was identified during the tests that I mentioned last week.”, Mentioned the Brazilian since last week he had already informed the diagnosis that the doctors had offered him at that time. Removing the tumor that was found in the colon was one of the best solutions that medical attention offered and that he did not hesitate to accept. Filed Under: Pele Hospitalized Colon Tumor

Pele hospitalized colon tumor: Share the news with his followers

Pele hospitalized colon tumor: Share the news with his followers
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He confessed in the post that he made the mention of his intervention, because he has always been honest with his group of fans. That motivated him to mention what had happened around his health and to thank the expressions of affection that people had been leaving through the different social networks.

“Fortunately, I am used to celebrating great victories with you.”, Said Pele in reference to his fans, who have always been aware of his health and above all, of the good things that have surrounded O Rei. For that reason, he did not want to hide the news of his intervention and say what really happened. Filed Under: Pele Hospitalized Colon Tumor

“I will face this match”

"I will face this match"
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Pelé made an interesting analogy about his life and the health situation he faces, with football. The King of Soccer, mentioned that he is facing this game with the help of his family and his doctors to be victorious and to be able to recover favorably; above all, because he still wants to live and enjoy his loved ones.

“I will face this game with a smile on my face, a lot of optimism and joy for living surrounded by the love of my family and friends.” it has always surrounded it and that it has never hesitated to show that it is reciprocal.

The first reports of your health.

Soccer match Brazil Argentina deport Argentines: Even the police came
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Before the ‘why’ of his intervention was confirmed, the media reported the rumors behind the six days in the Sao Paulo hospital. According to Joe Fraga, commercial manager of Edson Arantes do Nascimento better known as “Pelé”, he assured that there was no reason to worry. “Complete battery of tests, scans, colonoscopies, blood, etc. He doesn’t do everything in one day, ”said the man who works closely with the soccer legend.

The concern arises days after “Pelé” rejected reports that he had fainted, however, the incident has not been confirmed to be related to reports of his hospitalization. “Guys, I did not pass out and I am in very good health,” he said a few days ago, although that did not stop with the worries that were around him.

At first it was not revealed what had happened to the player

The football legend's long history of trouble
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The footballer who won the World Cup three times said: “I went to my routine exams, which I had not been able to do before due to the pandemic,” trying to reassure his followers who were concerned about the health of their idol and rumors about his health continued.

“Let them know I’m not playing next Sunday!” He wrote according to The Sun. Since last year, a documentary that made a look to the past, his career and career showed a “Frágil” version of Pelé, according to the aforementioned medium; For this reason, more doubts and fears arose in public opinion.

It worried more than one person

It is not the first time that he ends up in a hospital
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Pele, who went from poverty to world glory, was seen in wheelchairs in the documentary, prompting concern. In 2015, the former player underwent hip surgery. His son, Edinho, said that the famous player is “quite fragile”.

The above, due to the lack of rehabilitation after surgery, according to The Sun. Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as “Pelé” scored 757 goals in his career, placing himself as one of the best in the world only behind Cristiano Ronaldo.

The details of your hospitalization

He is kept in the hospital without revealing why
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Pelé remains hospitalized in Brazil, after six days ago he entered a hospital to undergo routine tests. According to the Brazilian newspaper Ge Globo, ‘O Rei’ has been hospitalized and under observation at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo since last Tuesday.

The general management of the hospital has not revealed the reasons for the hospitalization, although they could release a statement in the next few hours to report on the health of the three-time world champion with Brazil, according to Agencia Reforma.

He didn’t want to worry his fans

He had cleared the doubts of his health but now he worries again
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Last Tuesday, Pelé cleared up all doubts about his health by posting a message on his Instagram account where he reported that he was in good health, but now, with the news of his hospitalization, the soccer legend is once again worrying his followers .

Pele, 80, has had health problems in the past and his public appearances have declined in recent months, says Agencia Reforma. “El Rey” has been hospitalized several times in recent years.

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