Oreo launches its own line of ice cream

Oreo launches its own official line of ice cream products on the US market for lovers of frozen treats with the flavor of the popular cookie.

Previous Oreo ice cream products were “co-branded,” meaning Oreo was associated with a separate ice cream company, but this time, the new products remain entirely under the Oreo brand.

The new Oreo release includes ice cream bars, cones and sandwiches. Desserts feature OREO flavored ice cream and cookie crumbles. Oreo ice cream tubs are available in 14 and 48 ounce sizes.

Oreo bars have the ice cream wrapped in a layer made from crushed cookie wafer pieces. Crispy Oreo cones are made of chocolate and dipped in a layer just like the bars. While the sandwiches contain the ice cream sandwiched between two large Oreo cookie wafers.

The new Oreo products are available now at select retail stores and will be available throughout the United States beginning in March 2022.

In the spring, for the official debut of the new line of Oreo frozen goods, a digital campaign titled “The Real One is Finally Here” is launching that celebrates the brand’s most dedicated fans.

“Created for our most loyal fans, we’ve perfected Oreo Frozen Treats recipes to deliver the signature Oreo flavor in every bite,” said Justin Parnell, Vice President of Oreo USA.

The great launch of the line of ice cream products takes place in the middle of the celebration for the 110 years of the Oreo cookie, which is celebrated on March 6, 2022.

To celebrate Oreo’s anniversary, a new limited edition cookie flavour: Chocolate Confetti Cake. The holiday cookie is on sale now on their website and in retail stores beginning January 31.

Oreo fans can also purchase clothing and sneakers

Clothing brand Champion has partnered with Oreo to release a limited-edition merch collection in honor of the cookie’s 110th birthday.

The collection includes several Champion garments with the “Reverse Weave” feature to resist shrinkage. There are t-shirts, sweatshirts, joggers, shoes and sandals in colors and prints alluding to Oreo cookies.

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