Oreo launches limited edition of 16 cookies with Pokemón designs

Oreo launches limited edition of 16 cookies with Pokemón designs

Oreo is in a new collaboration with Pokémon and is launching a series of cookies with unique, collectible designs.

It’s about 16 Pokémon-themed Oreo cookies to discover. The collection includes favorite characters such as:

– Pikachu
– Bulbasaur
– Charmander
– Squirtle
– Mew
– Lapras
– Snivy
– Rowlet
– Pachamp
– Piplup
– Jigglypuff
– Dratini
– Sableye
– Cyndaquil
– Sandshrew
– Grookey

The 15.25 Oz packages allude to the series but do not contain the 16 different collectible cookies in a single delivery, so you will need to buy the presentations several times so we can put all the pieces together.

It is important that you know that Oreo mentions that some Pokémon are harder to find than others and that a super rare mythical character is included.

It is also said that Mew cookies will be the hardest to come by, so you should keep in mind that if it comes out in a package, think twice before eating it or make sure you already have it repeated in your collection.

The limited collection cookies can be purchased on the Oreo portal and will be available in the United States from September 13.

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