Orlando Bloom shares video of his encounter with a shark while paddleboarding

The passion of Orlando Bloom for strong emotions it is well known in the mecca of cinema. In fact, when he was still a young and unknown actor, the producers of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ had to ask him to give up the extreme sports with which he occupied his free time while filming in New Zealand for fear that he would end up suffering. an accident that prevented him from finishing the movies.

You may now have pushed your adrenaline addiction too far. The interpreter has shared on his Instagram account a video recorded with a drone while he was paddleboarding, documenting the chilling encounter he recently starred with a shark.

In the chilling recording, which looks like something out of one of those films that keep vacationers out of the sea, the actor can be seen rowing on his board while a huge shadow looms menacingly around him. The most surprising of all is that the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ does not run away as soon as he notices his presence and, instead, leans into the water to try and get a better look at the shark.

In fact, both he and his companion begin to follow him as the shark dives and returns to the surface of the water, without finishing moving away from them. In the end, it was the animal that ended up getting tired and decided to continue on its way, so everything was left in an anecdote in which there was no need to regret the injuries.

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