“Orphans”: all about the actors and characters of the Turkish novel

Who is who in “Orphans”? The turkish soap opera “Kırgın Çiçekler” is one of the novelties of 2022 on the television grid, so the public has been wondering about the actors and characters that appear in the story. Fiction has begun to gain the public’s preference with a shocking and moving story.

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The ottoman drama surprised the first time he appeared on Turkey, on June 29, 2015. His plot earned a place in the programming and, therefore, was renewed twice.

The turkish novel, in this way, had in total 133 episodes in three seasons that were seen by ATV. On March 12, 2018, he closed his disturbing proposal on the television grid, but it is still being broadcast internationally.

This has been the case in Spain, where the soap opera “Orphans”Has reached the signal of Divinity from January 10. His appearance has attracted the attention of viewers, who want to know everything about his protagonists.

The protagonists of the Turkish soap opera “Huérfanas”. (Photo: NTC Medya)


Biran Damla Yilmaz as Eylül

The protagonist of the story is Eylül, played by Biran Damla Yilmaz. The 16-year-old teenager has had a hard life being left without a father, who died when she was 11. Her mother also married Kemal, the stepfather who sexually harasses her.

Eylül crying in the first chapter of the novel

Eylül crying in the first chapter of the novel “Orphans” (Photo: NTC Medya)

Gökçe Akyildiz as Songül

The character played by Gökçe Akyildiz he also had a difficult childhood. Her father was jailed for murder when she was 5 years old. His mother married once more and put her aside. Her grandmother cared for her until her death, so she ended up in the orphanage.

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Cagla Irmak as Kader

Kader, played by Cagla Irmak, was abandoned in sacks of flour as a baby. For this reason, without knowing who her parents are, she learned to live in common bedrooms and even in bunk beds. She survives in silence, because she believes that keeping a low profile is the best option so that she is not harmed.

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Hazar Motan as Cemre

Cemre is the character of Hazar Motan. A wealthy young woman who, upon the death of her father, ends up in the orphanage. The first thing you feel towards the place and its residents is rejection and fear. But little by little she will discover the hearts of her companions.

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Aleyna Solaker as Meral

Aleyna solaker gives life to Meral, a young woman who does not know who her parents are, because her mother abandoned her at the orphanage when she was a baby. She is 16 years old and does not worry about her future when she comes of age. By being admitted to a private school, you will understand that you have a chance to grow.

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Ipek Karapinar as Feride

Feride is the role of Ipek Karapinar, a psychologist from a wealthy family who decides to enter the orphanage as deputy director. Despite the rejection of her family, she will be convinced daily that she must help change the situation of precariousness and fear that young women, such as Eylül, Kader, Songül and Meral live.

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Sacide Tasaner as Neriman

Sacide Tasaner gives life to Nerimar, a woman who began helping the neediest children and ended up being the coldest in history. With the arrival of the orphanage in the luxurious area, he is afraid of the new tenants.

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Mehmet Aykaç as Serkan

Serkan is portrayed by Mehmet Aykaç and it is the great love of Eylül. He fell madly in love with the young woman as soon as he met her and will be the great defense of the minors of the orphanage when they are attacked by the prejudiced.

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