Orthodox priest yells ‘you are a heretic’ to Pope Francis in Athens

In a reminder of the persistent mistrust between the two divided churches, an elderly Greek Orthodox priest shouted “Papa, you are a heretic” when the Pope Francisco entered the Orthodox Archbishopric from Athens before being removed by the police this Saturday.

The video showed the man, who was dressed in a black robe and black hat and had a long white beard, shouting the words in Greek outside the building before police took him away.

The elderly Orthodox priest was removed from the site by the police.

Witnesses said he screamed loud enough for the Pope to hear the commotion. The man appeared to have fallen as he was being carried away and the police picked him up.

Francis arrived in Greece on Saturday for a three-day visit that Greek Catholics hope will bring closer Eastern and Western churches.

Why the attack on Pope Francis?

The incident with the Pope Francisco It comes from a long history after which Christianity split into the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches in 1054 in what is known as the Great Schism, and for centuries relations were unstable.

In his address to the archbishop, Beatitude Ieronymos II, Francis apologized on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church for his involvement in the historical errors that led to the breakup.

“Tragically, in later times we parted company. Worldly worries poisoned us, weeds of suspicion increased our distance and we stopped nurturing communion,” Francis told Ieronymos, whom he met during his first trip to Greece in 2016.

“I feel the need to ask again for the forgiveness of God and of our brothers and sisters for the mistakes made by many Catholics,” Francis said.

The Pope Juan Pablo II He first asked forgiveness for the Catholic role in the breakup when he visited Greece in 2001.

Catholics and Orthodox have been involved in a dialogue leading to eventual reunion for decades and cooperate on many social initiatives, but the two parties are still very theologically separated.

“We believe that he has the courage and the sincerity to examine the failures and omissions of his parents,” Ieronymos told Francis. “Among those who want to be called Christian brothers, the best language is, and always will be, honesty.”

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