Oscar Cadena dies at 75; famous tv host

  • Television host Oscar Cadena died this Thursday at the age of 75
  • They had recently denied his death but unfortunately it came true
  • Oscar Cadena was hospitalized since September

Deaths in the artistic medium do not cease and now it is reported about the death of television host Oscar Cadena, famous for programs such as ‘Sopa de Videos’ and ‘Cámara Infraganti’, which catapulted him to success in Mexico and parts of Latin America; he was 75 years old.

According to media such as the journalist Joaquín López Dóriga’s portal, or El Universal y Sin Embargo, the driver Oscar Cadena had been in poor health for a long time and in the city where he lived, in Cancun, in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico , he was hospitalized.

Oscar Cadena dies at 75 years of age


Oscar Cadena was a very important television figure in Mexico in the 80s and 90s when his programs broke audience records and tried to record the population red-handed and cause comical situations for which he will always be remembered, in addition to his characteristic outfits with suspenders.

However, for years, Oscar Cadena was away from television on networks such as Televisa and Azteca, but he produced entertainment spaces for CadenaTv in Cancun; Just two weeks ago, his daughter María José was requesting blood through social networks, because the driver was operated on for peritonitis.

The statement confirming the death of Oscar Cadena

Oscar Cadena passes away

It was through their official Twitter account that the Oscar Cadena family informed their more than 35 thousand followers about the unfortunate death of the television host: “The Cadena Castro family reports on the sensitive death of Oscar Marcial Cadena Jiménez.”

“Our dear Oscar, a magnificent husband and father, has succeeded in this journey of life and has embarked on a new adventure in a place of peace and tranquility. We appreciate the displays of affection and we know that he will always be remembered for his passion, dedication, talent, charisma, unconditional friendship and of course his suspenders and the ‘Infraganti Chamber’ witness of countless stories that he related during more than 50 years of career in the media. of communication of Mexico ”, reads the communiqué.

Oscar Cadena’s family asks for privacy in the face of his sad death

Death Oscar Cadena

“At the moment we ask for privacy and respect during this difficult stage; Later we will share the details for your emotional farewell. With love, Familia Cadena Castro ”, ends the statement of the death of Oscar Cadena, without explaining the reasons for his death.

It is known that during the month of September, the famous driver was operated on for peritonitis and it is known that due to this illness he went to the intensive care area where he was being monitored, as his health did not improve as expected, so possibly it was the cause of his death, although there is nothing official yet.

They send condolences to the family of Oscar Cadena

Oscar Cadena dies at 75

Through the official Twitter accounts of media such as Sin Embargo, el Universal, Reforma, Milenio, among others, people left their condolences at the death of Oscar Cadena: “How sad !!! Rest in peace “,” Children of the 90’s remember him for Camera Infraganti and Video Soup, a television genre that was a type of VHS precursor to YouTube. “

And more joined in the regret of the family: “Whaaaat !? Chale, as a child I liked his program when he made tours in different cities “,” Wow, sad news “,” May he rest in peace “,” What sad news “,” How many memories with that man may God have him in his holy glory “,” Nice memories when I watched your program as a child !! “, they commented.

Before the death of Oscar Cadena, the comedian Florinda Meza was mourning the sad loss

Oscar Cadena

Florinda Meza is in mourning. After the death of Chespirito, his wife has tried to continue with her life keeping the comedian’s memory alive and also with personal projects, however the last few months have been hard for the actress and comedian because a few weeks ago she lost her dog and her psychiatrist and this time faces another painful death.

Through your account Twitter, Florinda Meza reported that she is in mourning and quickly people began to leave her heartfelt messages giving her condolences for the sadness that overwhelms Chespirito’s wife, who after the legendary comedian, continues to face terrible losses. Filed Under: Death Oscar Cadena

Florinda Meza is in mourning

Florinda Meza Mourning
Twitter: Florinda Meza

It was on her official Twitter account @FlorindaMezaCH that the actress said goodbye to a very important person in her life, after losing her husband Chespirito a few years ago, now it is about the duel she has for her brother, who like her did know, he ‘got ahead of him’ on the road.

“I will always remember you like this, noble and good. You got ahead of me, little brother, there were many things to say, so many things to live. Now you are on another plane. I’m going to miss you a lot, I love you ”, were the moving words with which Florinda Meza said goodbye to her brother. Filed Under: Death Oscar Cadena

The death of his brother has Chespirito’s wife devastated and sad

Florinda Meza mourning her brother

In the Twitter post, Chespirito’s wife placed a photograph of her brother wearing glasses and smiling next to her, visibly younger than Florinda Meza, which is even more tragic, although the comedian never reported what her beloved died of. partner.

The messages of condolences were immediate: “I imagine it has been a very difficult time for you and your family. I am here praying for you. May God give you the necessary consolation to overcome this phase of sadness ”,“ My sincere condolences, dear and beautiful Mrs. Florinda Meza… peace in her eternal bed ”. Filed Under: Death Oscar Cadena

Florinda Meza mourns the death of her brother and tries to console her

Florinda Meza mourning death brother

Several people in their publication tried to console Chespirito’s wife: “My feelings my Flor, you pray for the one who is surely praying for you”, “The family is forever … until they see each other again”, “I am very sorry , my Flower, I send you a big hug ”,“ My condolences ”.

“A prayer for his soul and a hug for you dear”, “RIP prompt resignation”, “I’m very sorry, I send you a big hug”, “May your brother rest in peace, pretty lady”, more people commented to him in the absence of information about your brother’s name and under what circumstances he died. Filed Under: Death Oscar Cadena

Florinda Meza was barely recovering from the duel for the actor Miguel Palmer

Mourning wife Chespirito

A few weeks ago, the death of the first Mexican soap opera actor Miguel Palmer was announced and Florinda Meza was close to the actor because moved and with a series of photographs, she used her Twitter account to leave a message of condolences after the death from your partner and friend:

“I am very sorry for the death of my dear Miguel Palmer, a great actor and a good human being. He was with me in “Miracle and Magic.” I hope that very soon we can see this wonderful story on the screens again, to remember Miguel Palmer as he deserves ”, Chespirito’s wife concluded her message. Filed Under: Death Oscar Cadena

He would have suffered a fall and Chespirito’s wife was severely beaten

Chespirito's wife mourning

And it seems that this 2021 has not treated Florinda Meza the best, because before mourning her brother, she suffered a severe fall that put her health at risk and told through Twitter the blow she took in her face with a photograph where you can see what happened to him.

“Sometimes when we“ eat the world ”we can have some setbacks. Still I will continue to fight. For the curious, I only fell for carrying a lot of things, as it also happens in life. It is better to be careful and lighter. But I’m fine. Without further comment, “Florinda Meza left in a message with the photo of her eye and the blow to her head.