Óscar de la Hoya and his new outburst against boxers: “It’s always the same shit, they hide behind Al Haymon”

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Óscar de la Hoya once again launched some blunt and forceful statements when referring to other boxers, who, according to him, they hide behind promoter Al Haymon.

The ‘Golden Boy’ explained that while the boxers he represents are looking for the most anticipated fights by fans, other boxers flee after the image of Al Haymon and gave an example is the case of Jaime Munguía, a De la Hoya representative.

The former boxer commented that while Munguía was looking to book a fight with Jermall Charlo, he did not accept and finally there was no negotiation as they never agreed on broadcast deals for the fight.

Given this, De la Hoya exploded and went directly to the boxers who ‘take refuge’ in their representatives and he exhorted them to make their own decisions about accepting a fight.

“It’s always the same shit. These fighters hide behind Al Haymon. That is the end result. That is the conclusion. I’m asking these fighters if you really want to fight, stop saying ‘talk to my promoter, talk to my manager’. They have the voice and the power to make the fight happen,” exclaimed De La Hoya.

Similarly, the ‘Golden Boy’, in a conversation with Beto Durán, a journalist from ESPN and DAZN, commented that he wants his fighters to have fights with rivals that generate high expectations in the fans, but that he will not exclude DAZN from the negotiations since who is your partner.

For this reason, the last negotiation between Munguía and Charlo did not take place since Munguía’s promoters wanted the broadcast on DAZN, while Charlo’s on PBC.

After Munguía’s last fight, which he defeated Jimmy Kelly by way of KO, The one from Tijuana sent a direct message to Charlo whom he challenged to fight with him.

“I want to tell Jermall Charlo, as De La Hoya says, get the balls out and come fight me. Let him not hide behind Al-Haymon”.

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