OV7 cancels concert in Acapulco due to threat of Tropical Storm ‘Lester’

They have officially decided to postpone the concert of the Mexican group OV7 which will take place tonight Arena GNP Acapulcoall due to the imminent impact of Lesterthe tropical storm that threatens the coast of Guerrero.

Said meteorological system has left floods since yesterday in the municipality of Tixtla and has put in red alert to Acapulco and Puerto Escondido Oaxaca, among other destinations in the area.

From the early hours of the day the group would have kept their presentation up for tonight, however due to pressure from their followers and alerts from Civil Protection authorities due to Lester’s arrival, they finally decided to postpone it until next year.

Presentation in Acapulco canceled due to Tropical Storm ‘Lester’

They cancel presentation in Acapulco

Through a statement released by OCESAthe Mexican pop group confirmed that their presentation for tonight has been canceled so as not to put at risk the integrity of those attending said event.

“In accordance with the recommendations of the local authorities, to safeguard the safety of all due to the arrival of tropical storm Lester at the port of Acapulco, it was decided to postpone the presentation of OV7 that was scheduled to take place today,” the statement said.

In addition, in these words they indicated that the concert will be rescheduled for the next May 6, 2023 and with the tickets purchased for this date they could still be respected.

Finally, the group thanked the support and solidarity of the public, in addition to making an attentive call to be aware of the information that the authorities issue about said meteorological event.

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OV7 members

Mariana Ochoa, Lidia Avila, Erika Zaba, Oscar Schwebell, Ari Boroboy, M’Balia Marichal Y Kalimba They are the seven members of this successful group that began their career in the entertainment world at the beginning of the 90’s and since then they have been placed at the top of success as a benchmark in the pop industry.

After two years since the OV7 announced their 30th anniversary tour, finally their fans have been able to see some of their presentations in the national auditorium and in the city of Monterrey.

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