OV7 starts tour with evident distance between Ari and the group

After 2 years suspended in the archive and after the fight between its members, it finally started this past Friday in Monterrey, Nuevo León, the tour of the OV7 30th Anniversaryone of the most successful groups since the 90’s in our country.

The audience present in the arena sang each of the songs that marked the artistic career of the group made up of Kalimba, Lidia Avila, Mariana Ochoa, Erika Zaba, M’Balia, Oscar Y Ari Borova.

However, what the fans could appreciate was that despite the return of the group to the stage, who was notoriously distant from his other companions was Ari BorovaWell, let’s remember the controversies that have arisen in recent months between them.

The tour for the 30th anniversary of OV7 kicks off

The celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Vaseline Wavea group founded in the late 1980s but whose popularity reformed in the 1990s and mainly achieved success in the 2000s.

Among the songs performed by the seven members of the group, the following stand out: Look into my eyes, Fly higher, Forbidden to love me, I love you so much, Put on boots, take off sneakers, Love colada, Aum, Aum, Love calendar, Shabadabada, Drive me crazyamong many others.

With various costume changes and a set of lights rarely seen, the group delighted its followers with just over 2 hours of concert, highlighting the impeccable choreography that undoubtedly made the difference and showed why they dominate the music industry. entertainment.

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Networks criticize Ari Boroboy’s attitude with the group

Networks criticize Ari Boroboy’s attitude with the group

What undoubtedly generated discontent among the followers of the group was the attitude of Ari Borova at the concert, since on several occasions she showed distance from her companions Lidia Ávila and Mariana Ochoa, it should be noted that there have been problems in recent months.

“You can see that there is tension between Ari and Lidia, they hardly interacted throughout the concert”, “How bad Ari Borovoy looks ignoring Mariana Ochoa every time she has a chance”, “Spectacular as always but it shows that I don’t know how to stand Ari and Lidia”, read some comments.

The tour of the OV7 30th Anniversary It intends to spread throughout the Mexican Republic and even with some dates for Europe, the United States and the rest of Latin America, however no more information has been revealed by the group.

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