OV7: what Ary Borovoy said about the group’s return to the stage

(Photo: Instagram/@oficialov7)

Ari Borova talked about the next return to the stage of OV7 amid the discontent of their fans, as some of them joined to demand the return of their money after the tour for the group’s 30 years was postponed on different occasions.

OV7 It is considered one of the most successful bands in Mexico, which shone in the 90’s, but currently remains in force in the public’s taste for its unforgettable songs. After a phenomenon of reunions between groups from the same period arose, the businessman together with Lidia Ávila, Mariana Ochoa, Érika Zaba, Óscar Schwebel, M’Balia and Kalimba Marichal They announced their long-awaited tour.

However, this happened before the COVID-19 pandemic began and, because the wave of infections is still present, many events of the same nature have had to be canceled or postponed, as happened with OV7. In this regard, Ari Borovoy called on all his fans to keep calm and trust that they will soon be able to enjoy the musical show as they had planned.

I am very sorry for what has happened, but we are about to be able to give a clear answer to all the people, so have a little more patience”, he declared in an interview with the sun rises.

The 42-year-old singer hinted that at the moment there is no certain date on when the tour of OV7, but he hopes that in the following days he will have a more accurate vision of what will happen. It is worth mentioning that Mexico is currently going through a new wave of COVID-19 infections due to the presence of the variant Omicron.

However, Ari Borovoy tried to be empathic with the situation that his fans are going through, especially those who had already purchased tickets for the show. The businessman mentioned that he has tried to answer all the doubts that have come to him through social networks, but he has not been able to give a resolution because dates have not yet been defined.

(Photo: Instagram/@oficialov7)

I hope that in a couple of weeks it will be known, with more accuracy. I have read, the truth is that reading is a bit new, but about eight hundred times I have been asked and eight hundred times I have answered the same […] they have every reason to be how upset they are, but it is a matter of a couple of weeks and they will know a little more about it, “he added.

Despite how complicated it can be to plan a concert tour in the midst of a health crisis, the singer sent a hopeful message, as he assured that in the next few days new information will be given regarding the concerts of OV7.

The pop group had planned to start the tour in August 2020, but at that time the country was at a critical point in the pandemic, so they had to postpone it to February 2021 and later to May of the same year. However, the infections did not stop and the decision was made to reschedule again.

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The months passed, but so far there is no new date. The situation ended up alarming people who had already bought tickets for the show, as they fear that it will not take place or will be canceled. It should be clarified that fans who have a ticket will only be able to claim their money in the event that the tour is definitively interrupted.

Meanwhile, the other members of OV7 have not given any statements in this regard.


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