OV7’s M’Balia Receives Engagement Ring From Her Trans Boyfriend

Singer M’BaliaMember of OV7revealed to the media that her sentimental partner has finally given her the engagement ring and that preparations for her long-awaited wedding could begin shortly.

Prior to the start of the tour of the 30th anniversary of the group, The singer announced what days last May Alex tinajero had planned to give him the engagement ring, however due to some delays it could not be possible.

After the reunion of OV7 on stage and with her wedding soon to take place, it could be said that the singer is at one of the most important peaks of her personal and professional life, something that undoubtedly keeps her happy and fulfilled with her family. .

OV7 member marries her trans boyfriend

OV7 member marries her trans boyfriend Who is OV7’s M’Balia?

Unexpectedly, the singer shared with the entertainment media that Alex Tinajeroher boyfriend, has given her the engagement ring and soon they will be able to start with the plans to get to the altar and live in marriage.

“I already have a ring, I told them I was going to show them,” M’Balia Marichal told the media at the Mexico City International Airport, information that was collected on Berenice Ortiz’s YouTube channel.

In addition, the singer discussed that the moment of the delivery of the ring It was very emotional and it happened surrounded by the people she loves the most:

“It cost him a lot of work because with the rehearsal schedule (of OV7) they moved our schedules. That he could, that he couldn’t, that he was tired, he didn’t want to go out. He wanted to do something super spectacular and he had to go as he could , moving the plan until it was achieved”.

However, he regretted that during the delivery of the commitment, neither his brother Kalimba nor his mother could be present, since the latter has some health problems: “She has a problem in the spine and could not move her leg, she was medicated resting, but we had dinner a couple of days and then and we celebrate. the girls [está] happy, especially that they were able to be there, the little ones weren’t, they were sick with a cough, so they couldn’t go out, but the little ones could”.

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Who is M’Balia from OV7?

Who is M’Balia from OV7?

Born on February 3, 1979 in Mexico City, M’balia Marichal Ibar is a renowned singer, actress, businesswoman and DJ who is currently 43 years old and is part of the iconic group OV7.

With the Vaseline Wave the singer achieved the highest peak of her career releasing great hits like “Look me in the eye”, “Foot after foot” Y “Drive me crazy.”

Currently M’Balia managed to solve the problems that in the past caused quite a lot of controversy in the gossip of the show business with his partner Lydia Avila and shortly she would be starting the tour for the 30th anniversary of OV7 reunited with her whole family.

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