Over 1 Million Views As Influencer Dhasia Wezka Details Violence by Police Officer Father

Content creator chronicles her transition from a childhood marked by abuse to becoming a successful and beloved YouTuber.

Mexican influencer Dhasia Wezka has gone viral after opening up about surviving domestic violence as a child at the hands of her father, a former police officer.

In a raw interview on the popular podcast “Hablemos De Tal” hosted by YouTuber Un Tal Fredo, the 29-year-old Wezka described years of disturbing abuse against her, her sisters, and her mother.

“He was quite aggressive. He drank every day. We were very afraid of him. He beat my mom and us almost every day,” Wezka said on the show. “I remember once in kindergarten, I told a teacher, and they questioned me because they saw us with marks on our bodies.”

The emotional 80-minute interview, posted on Aug. 12, has racked up over 1.2 million views on YouTube so far.

Wezka’s story has sparked outrage while also opening up a larger conversation about domestic violence — a pervasive issue affecting millions of women and children across Mexico.

Father’s Violence Began Early, Escalated Over Years

According to Wezka, her parents were young when they had their first child. Her father quickly began exhibiting controlling behavior and abuse toward her mother.

“He drank every day. He was very aggressive, and we were very afraid of him,” she recalled. “He hit my mother and us almost every day.”

The violence intensified as Wezka and her two sisters grew older. She described sadistic punishments doled out by her father as retaliation for any perceived offense — no matter how small.

“There were punishments of taking off all your clothes and putting you in the bath with cold water while he took off his belt and began to beat us,” Wezka said. “The violence grew a lot. We arrived to find my mom unconscious and with blood.”

The verbal abuse was also relentless, especially toward Wezka’s sister, who has darker skin.

“My sister, the middle one, is a brunette, so didn’t he once put her in a chlorine bath?” she recounted. “Can you imagine if we were butterflies and we could fly free?”

Mother Hospitalized After Vicious Attack

The breaking point came when Wezka’s father viciously attacked her mother one night.

The next morning, a young Wezka set out to find her mom. “I had to follow a path of blood in order to find mom…. her hair was bloody… she was unconscious, swollen,” she recalled.

Wezka shook her mom, pleading to know if she was still alive.

“I told her that ‘I wish we were butterflies to fly free and be happy,’” she said. “We went to take refuge in another house.”

After the brutal assault, Wezka’s mother gathered her daughters and fled to her own mother’s home.

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But the deep emotional wounds inflicted would be lasting.

Influencer Dhasia Wezka shared experiences of abuse by her father during her childhood, a story that marked her life and that of her family (Dhasia Wezka).
Influencer Dhasia Wezka shared experiences of abuse by her father during her childhood, a story that marked her life and that of her family (Dhasia Wezka).

Lasting Trauma, Bullying Follow Her

Even after escaping her abusive father, the hardship wasn’t over for Wezka.

She described being bullied at her new school for having divorced parents — a relative oddity at that time in Mexico.

Classmates also targeted her for her thin frame and the Guadalajara accent she spoke with after leaving Mexico City.

“Being a child was not an option,” Wezka said of her early life.

Now 29, Wezka says she hasn’t spoken to her father in 15 years. While her relationship with her mother remains strained, she understands the abuse she suffered as well.

Interview Sparks Dialogue on Domestic Violence

Wezka’s raw personal story has struck a national chord.

In Mexico, gender-based violence remains an ongoing human rights crisis, according to advocates.

Government statistics show more than 10 women are murdered per day on average. Domestic violence also remains hugely underreported in the conservative nation.

Many supporters praised Wezka’s bravery in coming forward about the violence she experienced behind closed doors. They also thanked her for furthering the discussion around domestic abuse.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” wrote one YouTube viewer. “You are very good for exposing it, thanks.”

“A strong hug, you are helping to confront a very serious social problem. Never feel guilty, the only culprit was that despot,” another added.

Speaking her truth has been empowering despite the trauma for Wezka, who has built an influencer career as a model, brand ambassador, and podcast host.

“I had always kept it all inside,” she said on “Hablemos De Tal.” “I also did this because I want you to know that if I could get ahead, you also can.”

The National Domestic Abuse Hotline provides resources and support for victims. Call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) to connect with a counselor.