Over 15,000 fans chant to Christian Nodal’s hits at his sold-out Madrid’s Wizink Center

With his music, Christian Nodal unites thousands at his European debut and becomes the first Mexican artist to sell out of Wizink Center.

This Saturday, May 20, Christian Nodal performed for the first time at the Wizink Center in Madrid, Spain, with his Foraji2 Tour in front of more than 15 thousand people who chanted from beginning to end each of his hits.

The Sonora-born singer performed for the first time in the European continent with a sold-out show. Among some of the songs that could be heard at the Wizink Center were “Me dejé llevar,” “No te contaron mal,” “Amor tóxico,” “De los besos que te di,” “Adiós Amor,” among many others.

Nodal, the favorite in Madrid

It was through Instagram that Christian Nodal shared some of the videos of what he experienced the night of May 20 at the Wizink Center, and it was on that same social network that the man born in Caborca, Sonora assured that no video or photo equals what he experienced on Saturday.

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Nodal pampered his audience in Madrid, Spain, for almost two and a half hours with banda, norteño, and mariachi songs.

Among the thousands of attendees, some waved flags of different nationalities, so Nodal did not hesitate to tell the audience that accompanied him that night how happy he was to realize that he had gathered thousands of people from different countries gathered in the same place.

“How cool it feels to see so many people gathered from different countries! I never imagined such a beautiful reception here in Madrid…. So many beautiful flags tonight…”, said Nodal during his concert at the Wizink Center.

Photo: Special
Photo: Special

Some videos of how thousands of Nodal’s fans were waiting outside the venue, anxious to see their favorite artist, are circulating on social networks. It is also worth mentioning that during the Mexican’s performance at the Wizink Center, a young girl asked the singer of “De los besos que te dí” to come up and sing, and Christian could not refuse.

Because of this, Nodal did not hesitate to ask his follower to come on stage, and she began to interpret the song “Volver, volver” by Vicente Fernandez. This song was also interpreted by the Sonoran singer.

Finally, Nodal thanked every one of his fans who gathered in one of the most important venues in Madrid, which by the way, is worth mentioning that he is the first Mexican artist to achieve a sold-out show at the Wizink Center.

“This concert will never be forgotten in my life. Thank you for so much,” said Nodal.

Photo: Special
Photo: Special

He is getting ready for the Foro Sol in CDMX.

With his success in Madrid, Spain, Nodal is warming up to offer one of the most anticipated shows for his Mexican fans, as the singer who will soon become a father with Cazzu will perform at the Foro Sol on May 27th.

For Christian Nodal, this presentation is very important because it will be the first time he will perform in the CDMX in one of the largest venues in the capital, which will surely be sold out.