Owen Wilson breaks silence on his suicide attempt in 2007

Owen Wilson breaks silence on his suicide attempt in 2007

The actor revealed that it was difficult, but he managed to overcome that episode of his life.

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Owen wilson He is one of the best known actors in Hollywood, and although his participation in several renowned projects such as “Zoolander” and “Her parents” have given him fame and the affection of the people, not everything in his life has been honey on flakes.

There was a stage in which the famous one fell into a strong depression that led him to try to kill himself in 2007; however, Wilson was found in time by his brother and was able to be saved. Now, 14 years after the incident, the actor said he was ready to share with the public how he managed to recover from this situation.

In an interview with Esquire magazine, Owen Wilson spoke like never before about this dark episode in his life and He assured that one of his biggest drivers was his brother, because after the incident they lived together for some time.

In addition, he highlighted that to try to give “structure” to his life again, his brother recommended “Write small schedules for each day” and so that he would have the impression that life was easier and more manageable at the beginning so that later he could improve.

Likewise, Owen Wilson compared this chapter in his life to Tom Hardy and the movie The reborn: “Life is as if it were played by this character, a creepy guy who tries to kill you and even when you think you have an advantage will be there whispering: ‘This is not going to bring your son, your father or any moment of your past back. And when life is being played by that guy, you just have to hold on and wait for it to happen, “he concluded.

It was in 2007 that Luke, Owen Wilson’s brother, He went in search of the actor to his residence in Santa Monica after receiving no response to his calls. She was shocked to find him unconscious in the bathroom after having cut his veins and ingesting a large number of pills.

Fortunately, Wilson was immediately transferred to a hospital where he managed to be stabilized. and the story now only remained as a bad memory.

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