Owner of Leeds United accuses Barcelona of not paying for Raphinha’s signing: “If he doesn’t pay we will have a problem”

Photo: PAU BARRENA / Getty Images

In the midst of the successful transfer market being carried out by FC Barcelona, A new controversy has arisen initiated by Leeds United over the transfer of Raphinha. And it is that the owner of the English team has accused the Catalan team of not having paid said business.

Andrea Radrizzani, owner of Leeds, spoke with ‘The Athletic’ and revealed details of the long process of selling Brazilian striker Raphinha, letting it be known that initially the deal had been closed with Chelsea but Barcelona used “its influences” to change the course of the negotiation.

For me, the deal was done with Chelsea and when I have a deal, my word is my word. I felt embarrassed to see Todd Boehly (Chelsea owner) again and change my position,” Radrizzani explained initially.

“We made the deal with Chelsea because the player wanted to leave and was open to offers from Premier League clubs. But unfortunately, let’s say that the influences of Barcelona convinced the player to wait, wait, wait… until they could find a solution,” he added.

In that sense, the owner of the British team criticized the fact that the players’ agents have so much control over the signings, to the point of damaging businesses when they are almost complete.

This again shows the power and influence that players and their agents have in the system., which for me is exaggerated, too much… We make a lot of investments to build clubs. We invest hundreds of millions, but all the power seems to be with the agents and representatives of these players”, he pointed out.

In turn, Andrea Radrizzani rejected the way in which Deco, Raphinha’s agent, handled the negotiations, as it was notable that he was always on the side of the Spanish team.

Finally, warned Barcelona of the consequences if they don’t pay the money they owe before September 2. “If the money is not paid for Raphinha, we will have a global problem that will be in all the media in the world.”

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