Owner of the Lakers threw a dart at LeBron James and cataloged Michael Jordan as the best player of all time

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The owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, Jenny Buss recently made a statement where she declared herself a fan of Michael Jordan and he went much further when he indicated that the former Chicago Bulls player was the best basketball player of all time. The statements were made regardless of the fact that there is a player on his team who has wanted to dispute that title with Jordan, such as LeBron James.

Many can agree with Jenny Bus, without disparaging LeBron James and his dream numbers, many specialists agree that Michael Jordan is not only the best basketball player of all timebut he is also the best athlete in history and the one who has had the greatest influence, becoming a brand that is still valid.

The renewal of LeBron James and the second dart he receives from Jenny Buss

Jenny Buss is clear about her goal with the Lakers for the following season and that is why one of his priorities is to renew LeBron James. The negotiations have already begun and the “King” has one more year left on his contract, however, and in the event that an agreement is not reached, LeBron will be a free agent for the 2023-24 NBA season.

Notably this would be Buss’s second dart at LeBron James, since on occasion he also opted for favorable comments to the late Kobe Bryantwhich she herself later came out to clarify that they were words not addressed to anyone specifically, but rather sought to exalt Kobe’s memory.

The relationship between LeBron and the boss of the Lakers has its ups and downshowever, everyone trusts that “The King” renews with the lagoon quintet, even when its owner considers Jordan as the best of all time, and openly expresses her opinion like that of many.

Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James

Two different times lived Michael Jordan and now LeBron JamesHowever, the comparisons do not stop, and both have a huge fan base. The lead has always been Jordan because he is a player considered as the one who finished promoting basketball beyond the United States, Jordan took it to the whole world.

The quality of LeBron James is not in doubt, so much so that he has been able to compete for that place that the mythical 23 left in the history of basketball, and in the same way he has proclaimed his respect by being able to hang his number on his back in his honor. Everyone has her opinion, but the only certainty is that Jenny Buss hopes that her Lakers start well this year and revive her last championship leaving behind her last two failures.

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