Ozuna and Shakira arrived in Barcelona together and he assures that she is very “beautiful”

The Colombian Shakira receives compliments from her colleague Ozuna – Photo: Christophe Simon/AFP/Getty Images.

Singer Shakira and Ozuna monopolized the lenses of the cameramen with their arrival last Saturday in Barcelona, Spain. It was undoubtedly a great surprise to see these two artists together, which generated various comments on social networks because the Colombian has not stopped occupying the headlines of the national and international press due to her separation from Gerard Piqué.

The Puerto Rican took advantage of the fact that they were together, and it was through Twitter that he sent a message to the mother of Milan and Sasha and mentioned: “How beautiful you are @shakira.“ The comments did not wait; the actor also obtained more than 1.2 thousand responses.

“Something is coming,” “WTF Ozu explains,“ They are going to record a video musical tonight,” “Release album now,” “hit is coming, yes sir,” “I confirm, but can someone explain me?” “He who does not run flies,” “A compliment next collaboration, what’s wrong with it?”, “You kicked Piqué,” “World Cup song?”, “The genius of world football advances on the right” were some of the impressions generated by the singer’s comment on the network Social.

What are Shakira and Ozuna doing in Barcelona?

The artists arrived in Manresa with a particular purpose that had millions of fans waiting, and that is that this is a new collaboration. For this reason, both moved to that location to record the video of the new musical theme they have together, which is presumed could be called “monotony.”

However, so far there are no further details of this new project that will be released shortly. However, some of those present who were close to the location chosen to record assured that it would be bachata with urban touches.

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Ozuna would be fulfilling a great dream within his professional career, and yes, it is about working with the Colombian. during an interview, he was asked what his “first love for a celebrity” was, and he answered, “Shakira.”

Despite all the inconveniences that have arisen in the life of Piqué’s ex-partner, this has not been a reason to stop devoting himself to his profession.