Pablo Chagra, the king of showbiz gossip on TikTok, takes on Hotel VIP hosting duties

TikTok star Pablo Chagra expands his horizon with Televisa's Hotel VIP after gaining acclaim for chismillennial content.

Pablo Chagra gained great popularity on TikTok for being a chismillennial creator, and now he will host Hotel VIP; here we tell you all about him. The content creator has participated as a digital host of several reality shows, such as La Academia and La Casa de los Famosos Mexico.

Pablo Chagra’s career continues to grow, as he will now host Hotel VIP, Televisa’s new show.

Pablo Chagra will be the digital host of Hotel VIP

Pablo Chagra ‘s TikTok has become a reference for the best gossip on social networks, and now the influencer will be the digital host for the third time.

Pablo Chagra was part of the hosts of La Casa de los Famosos Mexico, as he interacted with the participants who came out.

In addition, he shared the most relevant content of the reality show and gave his opinion on the controversies.

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Pablo Chagra, La Casa de los Famosos (screenshot / Pablo Chagra)

Pablo Chagra will be one of the presenters of Hotel VIP and revealed that he has more projects with Televisa Digital.

The influencer was excited about his new project and shared photos from the Hotel VIP press conference.

Pablo Chagra’s duties will include bringing the best content from Hotel VIP to social networks and sharing the best gossip from its members.

Pablo Chagra
Pablo Chagra (Twitter/@HotelVIPmx)

Pablo Chagra was the digital host of La Casa de los Famosos, Mexico.

Through his official social media accounts, Pablo Chagra announced that he would be joining La Casa de los famosos, Mexico.

From June 4 to August 13, Pablo Chagra was the digital host of the reality show, which allowed him to obtain exclusive information he shared on his social networks.

Pablo Chagra
Pablo Chagra (Instagram/@pablo.chagra)

Pablo Chagra: The chismillennial is consumed even by Daniel Bisogno, and this is how he proved it.

Pablo Chagra went from TikTok to the big leagues since he is not only a social media communicator but has also had some appearances on TV magazine shows.

The fame of the chismillennial has grown so much that even Daniel Bisogno is known to consume it, and of course, he couldn’t leave out the insults.

With his Twitter account, Daniel Bisogno called Pablo Chagra a “disgusting ball with no talent or credibility,” besides assuring that he would soon leave the medium, “he will be purged.”

However, the tiktoker did not remain silent and assured that what affects Daniel Bisogno is the realization that the new content is lowering his ratings.

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Pablo Chagra and Daniel Bisogno (Special)

Pablo Chagra won’t leave Daniel Bisogno’s side and has already shut him up.

If anyone has been closer to the artists in recent years, it has been Pablo Chagra, so he made it clear to Daniel Bisogno that even if he insults him, he is respectful and polite.

Might be interesting:

The influencer made it clear that he has never been that he is a journalist, “all my social networks say communicologist.”

Likewise, he assured everyone that he does not intend to respond to Daniel Bisogno.

“His comments talk about him, not about me”.

Pablo Chagra, tiktoker.

Pablo Chagra, communicologist and creator of ‘chismillennial’ in TikTok.

Pablo Chagra, communicologist and creator of the ‘chismillennial ‘ on TikTok started with his entertainment content in August 2022.

The influencer, who describes himself as a “blogger” on his Instagram account, lives in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas.

Through TikTok, where he has more than 2 million followers, Pablo Chagra shares “showbiz gossip” fresh out of the oven.

His short videos, which have accumulated 7.2 million ‘likes’, have been liked by millennial users due to the fresh touch of the narrative.

Thus, in reference to his audience, Pablo Chagra baptized his content as the “chismillennial.”

“I tell you the chismillennial. Please pass it on.”

Pablo Chagra quote
Pablo Chagra
Pablo Chagra (Instagram/@pablo.chagra)

With mug in hand and the phrase that has become his banner, Pablo Chagra consolidates himself as the king of the shows on TikTok.

Among the most viewed videos on the profile of Pablo Chagra, creator of the chismillenial on TikTok, are:

  • Inés Gómez Mont “flees” Mexico; 3.2 million ‘likes’.
  • Residente vs. J Balvin; 3 million ‘likes.’
  • Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna; 2.8 million ‘likes.’
  • The controversy between Pao Poulain and Yuya; 1.4 million likes
  • Gomita and the complaint against her dad for violence; 1.2 million ‘likes’

On Instagram, where his followers exceed 200 thousand, Pablo Chagra usually forgets the chismillennial to focus on personal content.

The influencer usually shows moments of his life in San Cristóbal de las Casas, trips and parties with friends and family.

In addition, Pablo Chagra also takes the opportunity to expose another of his passions as a communicologist: photography.