Pablo Lyle and his wife Ana Araujo would be separated by “a third party”, they assure

Mexico. The actor from Sinaloa Pablo Lyle and his wife Ana Araujo would be separated by “a third party”, they assure in the YouTube program Gossip No Like.

Ana Araujo, still the wife of Pablo Lyle, would already have a relationship with the sports commentator Marc Crosas and would be one step away from divorcing the actor who has been accused of involuntary manslaughter in the USA for three years.

It would be from December 2021 when Ana decided to end her marriage to Lyle, after eight years of being together, according to the aforementioned program, even both are parents of two children, Mauro, seven years old, and Arantza, 12 years old, the latter is the product of a past relationship with Araujo.

At the moment neither Pablo nor Ana have commented on social networks regarding their alleged separation, but the controversy of his divorce has already broken out in them and his fans ask him how he feels emotionally.

Marc Crosas, the supposed new sentimental partner of Ana Araujo. instagram photo

Javier Ceriani, host of Chisme No Like, comments on his YouTube space that Pablo is in the worst moment of his life, as he is facing the separation from his wife Ana and also the legal problem in which he has been involved since March 2019, after having been arrested for lashing out at a man on public roads, which he hit and died days later.

In the same YouTube program they emphasize that Ana and Marcos have gone to various events together, one of them was the concert given by the band Coldplay at the Foro Sol: “They were in Puerto Vallarta, enjoying a honeymoon or the beginning of a couple. Lyle is already in this woman’s past,” says Ceriani.

Pablo Lyle now has a complicated life, since he is accused of involuntary manslaughter, nor does he have money to pay for the heavy expenses due to the situation in which he finds himself and, furthermore, he cannot leave the apartment where he lives in Miami, Florida, nor the country and much less work.

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The final trial of Lyle, originally from Mazatlán, Sinaloa, is expected to be on July 5, since it has been postponed several times for different reasons, and in this way the actor can face his destiny.

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