Pablo Lyle divorces his wife Ana Araujo, they assure there was a third party

The YouTube gossip show, “Gossip no Like”this Monday, May 9, assured that Ana Araujo, the still wife of Pablo Lyle, is divorcing the actor, since he already has a relationship with Marc Crosas, a sports commentator.

“Their love is already openly lived”

It was since December 2021, when Ana decided to end her marriage after eight years togetheraccording to this channel, because it must be remembered that they both have two children, Mauro, seven years old, and Arantza, 12 years old, the latter is the product of a past relationship with Araujo.

Given this sad news of the separation of the famous Pablo Lyle with his wife, the controversy has been unleashed on social networks and so far there is no comment from any of those involved, so many fans of the actor Pablo Lyle They wonder how he is.

Ana Araujo separated from Pablo Lyle

“He’s depressed.”

That is what Javier Ceriani assured in the space, since, according to the journalist, Ana left Pablo at the worst moment of her life, because as is known, for three years, the Mexican actor has been in Miami, Florida, without being able to leave the department where he lives, or the country, much less work.

All this due to the altercation he had on a highway in that city. Lawsuit in which an adult man died as a result of the blow that Lyle gave him.

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During this time, the famous Ana Araujo always supported him. He even sold cakes to be able to pay the bail of his ex-partner, since the Mexican actor, to avoid jail and awaiting final judgment, has to pay for the carrying of a shackle.

Is Ana Araujo already dating Marc Crosas?

Marc Crosas

However, things have changed and she already has a new life with a former soccer player, because in a video obtained by “Gossip no Like”, Ana and Marc are seen enjoying the nightlife of Mexico City.

According to the show, this happened in early March; The new couple also attended one of the many concerts given by the band Coldplay at the Foro Sol: “They were in Puerto Vallarta, enjoying a honeymoon or the beginning of a couple. Lyle is already in this woman’s past,” the journalist remarked.

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