Pablo Lyle’s romance with Dulce Maria: a look back at the intense relationship of RBD’s past

From their chemistry on Verano de Amor to their tumultuous breakup and rumored reunion, we delve into their past relationship.

With the return of RBD, many stories from the past have begun to revive, such as the case of the romance that actor Pablo Lyle had with one of the members of the group since the Yankee star was once involved in a relationship with Dulce María.

Before the public was surprised by what Pablo Lyle did, the couple began a romance in 2008.

As we told you in American Post News, today the actor is awaiting sentencing, while Dulce announced her reunion with RBD, but the relationship between the two not only existed, it also gave a lot to talk about.

How was the relationship between Pablo Lyle and Dulce María?

El oscuro romance de Pablo Lyle y una integrante de RBD ¡Fue tóxico!
The couple had a courtship in 2008

While both starred in the telenovela Verano de Amor, many viewers noticed the chemistry that existed between the couple, so they began an affair.

Due to their youth, the relationship was very intense and gave a lot to talk about because the fights were very intense and ended after five months of being together, although, after a while, they came back together.

“We love each other very much and this time of separation, like many couples, made us reconsider; we are right for each other,” said the actor of Mirreyes contra Godinez to a magazine at the time.

In total, the couple lasted a year due to the fact that the actor was very jealous and did not hesitate to let the interpreter of Roberta in RBD know it. After this, it was even rumored that Dulce María and Christopher were boyfriend and girlfriend in real life, although the agencies of both actors categorically denied it.

Why did Pablo Lyle divorce?

El oscuro romance de Pablo Lyle y una integrante de RBD ¡Fue tóxico!
Pablo Lyle and Ana Araujo his wife

Many fans of his fans have wondered why Pablo Lyle is divorced. However, this is more of a confusion than anything else because, although during June it was said that Ana Araujo had separated from the actor, he is still married to him.

Among the strong rumors that exist about his current relationship, it is said that the actor is waiting to see if he will be able to get out on bail or how many years he will be in jail to finally decide if he will separate from his wife or not.

This is because on other occasions, he has stated that he prefers Ana to live her life and be happy than wait for him to get out of jail.