Pablo Montero assures that TV Azteca hates him for not giving them an exclusive

This controversial case began when John Osorio revealed to the media that Paul Montero has alcoholism problems and that is why he did not make it to a recording of the series he was directing about the life of Vicente Fernandez called “The Last King: The Son of the People”.

This statement led all the media to constantly ask Paul Montero about his alcoholism, something that has caused the singer a lot of trouble and he couldn’t take it anymore the day the “Ventaneando” reporter questioned him about the matter in Saltillo.

He revealed that this was the reason why he could no longer contain himself and hit the device of said reporter, who is already carrying out legal proceedings against him. But that is not all, Pablo assured in Hoy that everything is about a strategy of Aztec TV for your career to be affected.

Pablo Montero refused to give an exclusive to TV Azteca

Pablo Montero defines himself from TV Azteca in “Hoy”. Pablo Montero with his ex-wife.

Paul Montero He said that the true origin of the annoyance that the television station has Aztec TV it is because he refused to give them an exclusive interview on the matter of his alleged alcoholism. Adaemá, we tell you in AmericanPost.News who claims that he was not aggressive, but that he is trying to put limits on the media.

If you don’t give an interview to a television station, well, they get angry and hold it against you, then they come and ask those kinds of questions because you don’t give them an exclusive, it’s that I don’t have time right now to be giving exclusives or anything“said the Mexican regional singer.

Likewise, he says that he reacted in this way against his reporter because she was not at all respectful and is not willing to touch on those issues of his private life or his family, including his ex-wife, with any means. He also remembered when they inquired to see if he fulfilled his obligations as a father, so he invites them to take care of them if they feel that he is not doing enough.

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Who was Pablo Montero’s wife?

Pablo Montero with his ex-wife.

The wife of the famous Pablo Montero is called Carolina Van Wielink and they married in 2011 they had two daughters and in April 2016 they announced that they were separating.

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