Pablo Montero under investigation: Interpol search for the actor over two sexual abuse claims and issue a Red Notice

The latest developments in the sexual abuse allegations against Mexican actor and singer Pablo Montero. Authorities are searching for Montero with the support of Interpol.
  1. Pablo Montero is being accused of sexual abuse by two women from Tapachula, Chiapas.
  2. The Attorney General’s Office of Chiapas has requested the support of the Prosecutor’s Office of Nuevo Leon and Interpol to locate and present Montero.
  3. Montero has not responded to the accusations or made any public statements. Internet speculation suggests that he may have gone into hiding due to media pressure.

Pablo Montero is being denounced for alleged sexual abuse after two women from the city of Tapachula, in the Mexican state of Chiapas, legally proceeded against the actor and singer. That is why the corresponding authorities are already looking for him to face the accusations. The Mexican Attorney General’s Office of said state even requested the collaboration of the authorities of the state of Nuevo Leon by issuing a red card to Interpol.

The national magazine TVyNovelas reported that two minors were involved and that the events took place months ago, being reported immediately, although they were only made public now.

The publication stated that the events occurred one night when the alleged victims “decided to party with him.” The Attorney General’s Office of Chiapas, through the Integral Unit of Investigation and Sexual Crimes of Tapachula, turned to the prosecutor of criminal procedures for the order of location and presentation of Oscar Daniel Hernandez Rodriguez, which is the real name of Pablo Montero.

The actor has not commented on the matter (Photo: TV Notes)
The actor has not commented on the matter (Photo: TV Notes)

“For this, he requested the support and collaboration of the Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Nuevo Leon and Interpol, International Criminal Police Organization with 194 member countries, including Mexico. In case he does not attend on the date and time that the authorities have set for him to respond to the accusations, Pablo Montero could be fined 80 days minimum wage or, if necessary, be presented by law enforcement,” reported TVyNovelas.

The victims’ identities have not been revealed for security reasons. However, it was reported that the minors had gone out with the actor after one of his last concerts in Chiapas.

In the midst of the controversy, Internet users have speculated that the protagonist of “El Último Rey: el Hijo del pueblo” – the unauthorized bioseries of Vicente Fernández – was already aware of the media coverage that the news could be, so he has not interacted in his social networks since January 5, 2023, when he shared that new projects would come from the hand of the Mayor of Torreón.

The singer Pablo Montero has been inactive on his social networks for more than 4 weeks PHOTO: SAÚL LÓPEZ/CUARTOSCURO.COM
The singer Pablo Montero has been inactive on his social networks for more than 4 weeks PHOTO: SAÚL LÓPEZ/CUARTOSCURO.COM.

It is expected that the Televisa actor will issue some statement in the next hours since the virality of the news has generated great media pressure for him to confirm or deny the legal process against him. However, if there is silence, as has happened so far, it is expected that his legal representatives and public relations agencies will have to do so.

After playing Vicente Fernández, controversies have not stopped.

The actor and singer started 2022 full of scandals after it was confirmed that he would be in charge of giving life to the Charro de Huentitán in the bioseries “El último Rey: El Hijo del Pueblo,” a San Angel project not authorized by Chente’s dynasty and based on a controversial book that is also more than censored and vetoed by the family of the famous actor.

The singer had a 2022 full of controversies (Photo: @pablomoficial/Instagram)
The singer had a 2022 full of controversies (Photo: @pablomoficial/Instagram)

The constant problems that the actor had in public events reached a climax when he exploded against a reporter of the Ventaneando program, the reason for which he had to apologize to his fans and the media.

“I apologize to the public for the way I acted. It didn’t have to be like that. The truth is that the question got me a little out of control, but at that moment I was with the child next to me, and I think that’s what made me uncomfortable,” said the actor in one of his last public appearances.