Pablo Montero rejects sexual abuse allegations and rebuts Emilio Morales’ statements: “It’s a vile lie… I don’t know her.”

The singer, in addition to speaking for the first time about the controversy that has had him in the eye of the hurricane in recent days, sent a press release in which he declares himself innocent

It was last Monday, February 6, when a national magazine had on its cover the singer Pablo Montero, where it was reported that the actor was facing a complaint for sexual abuse from two young girls in the State of Chiapas, Mexico.

In the said publication, they assured that Interpol would even want the singer. Throughout several days, it was revealed that Pablo Montero could have reached an economic agreement with the accusing party. However, this was already denied by the singer himself, and the first time the actor also spoke about what was happening. He also sent a press release clarifying what was happening.

Courtesy: Pablo Montero
Courtesy: Pablo Montero

Pablo Montero breaks the silence

In an exclusive interview for Hoy Program, the singer Pablo Montero spoke for the first time after the accusations against him and assured that everything that is circulating about him is a lie. He even assures that the most interested in fixing all this is him.

“There is an investigation file. That’s all there is. I have not been summoned. I have told my lawyer. I want to present myself of my free will and see what is going on. What is in the headline is a vile lie,” said Pablo Montero.

Likewise, during the interview, the host Hoy questioned Pablo Montero if he knows the people who today are accusing him of sexual abuse before this, the singer denies knowing them, and he also denied having reached an economic agreement with them.

“I don’t know her, I would be lying if I told you that I know the person, I went to a place and suddenly they obviously asked me for photos in the part where I was and one of the people who was there was her, but it was also a person I know who said that I had reached an agreement with the woman and that is completely false,” Montero commented for the Hoy program.

When Montero was asked about what had happened that night, the singer clarified that he did not go to work that day since he had a meeting that he attended; throughout the interview, who gave life to “Vicente Fernandez” in the unauthorized bioseries, made it clear that he desires to clarify and deny the accusations made against him.

The interpreter of “Piquito de Oro” even shared with Hoy’s hosts that even though he has not received a notice nor a summons to testify, he has considered presenting himself to the pertinent authorities.

In addition, Montero assures that, unlike what many media have stated, he has not left the country, he has not hidden from anything because he has no reason to do so, and that is why he is showing his face.

“I have not been notified, I have not been summoned to testify, the most interested in declaring and clarifying this is me, in clarifying this lie, as my lawyer said there is no arrest warrant against me, I have not hidden nor do I have to do it,” Montero said.

Finally, Pablo Montero shared that the person who leaked the information in which it is said that the singer had reached an economic agreement with the woman who accused the singer, is the publicist Emilio Morales, whom he knows well since he helped Mary Ayala, the singer’s publicity agent in some events.

However, he clarifies that Morales is not part of his work team: “This was said by Emilio Morales, a well-known journalist who sent it to me. This is an act of cowardice of wanting to hang himself on this. He worked at some events with me. He was not my employee, Mary Ayala is my publicist, and he supported her. These things are false,” said Montero to Hoy.