Pablo Valentín adds humor to the telenovela ‘Corazón Guerrero’ with the character of ‘El Valero’

The soap opera “Warrior heart” is a new TelevisaUnivision production starring Alexandra Espinoza Y Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco. The large cast also includes the participation of the actor Paul Valentine that gives the humorous touch to the revenge melodrama.

The actor brings to life the character known as “Valero” since he is the one who “worths” everyone, hence his nickname. He is supportive, wild, talkative, nosy and joker. He manages to win a place among the Guerreros, so he joins the brothers’ plan and falls in love with Micaela to obtain information about the Ruiz Montalvo.

Most of Valentín’s scenes are in the mechanical workshop where the Guerrero brothers live and his scenes are with García Vivanco, Rodrigo Guirao Y Christian of the Camp.

The story of “Corazón Guerrero” begins when as a child, Lisardo Sánchez saw his father die and could not prevent his younger brothers from being cruelly snatched from his hands. Now, he returns determined to take revenge on the man who destroyed his family and took away everything he loved.

Lisardo, with his new identity, now as Jesús Guerrero, gathers his brothers and, in front of his father’s grave, they swear to make that miserable man pay in the same way, destroying what matters most to him and taking away what he loves most.

The story begins with the arrival of Jesús Guerrero and his brothers Damián and Samuel, into the life of the powerful Augusto Ruiz Montalvo, with the secret mission of making him pay for all the damage he did to them and recover what he stole from them. Thus, the Guerrero brothers gain the trust of their enemy until they infiltrate his most intimate circle, his family. They soon discover that what Augusto loves most are his daughters. They will be the target of his justice mission.

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