Paco de Miguel becomes a Drag Queen, the users did not like it and they beat him

The popular content creator and influencer Paco de Miguelwho is loved by thousands of users for her parodies as an aunt on the Tik Tok platform, was not very successful this time because she decided to transform into a Drag Queen and was thwarted on social networks.

The young man appeared in his drag form in a video that he shared on his Instagram profile in which he wrote as a message that his characterization name is called Champagne Tears. This name was invented by the famous Drag Queen called I am lethal Y Pika Demian.

However, despite the fact that it was genuinely baptized by the famous drags, it seemed to users that the influencer is hanging on to the cause LGBTQ+ and he only did it to increase his success.

Paco de Miguel responds with ironic messages on his Facebook

Paco de Miguel’s answer. Paco de Miguel started his career on Vine.

the charismatic Paco de Miguel He did not hesitate to answer the various negative comments about his transformation, since users thought that he wanted to attract attention, that he is ridiculing himself and even that his content was better before than now.

Also, he wrote two ironic messages from his account Facebook In response to the harsh criticism in which she told all the users that they don’t even understand what it means to be a drag queen, she was also laughing at all the comments against her.

Even last month he was also accused of sexist and misogynist, for this reason Paco de Miguqel decided to cancel his twitter account. Don’t miss out on new information on the topic at AmericanPost.News.

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How did Paco de Miguel start?

Paco de Miguel started his career on Vine.

As revealed by the comedian Paco de Miguel, the 24-year-old decided to launch himself as a content creator to find a way to have fun.

But his foray into the digital medium is not new, in fact he started on one of the first short video platforms called Came which is now missing.

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