PAHO alerts for the increase of Covid-19 in this state of Mexico

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) reported that COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases have increased in the Americas region. On Mexico, for example, reported that the increase was recorded in the state of Baja California.

According to information from Uno TV, it warned that 20 countries in the region have not yet reached the 40% vaccination coverage target established by the World Health Organization (WHO).

“In the last week, more than 782 thousand 655 new infections by COVID-19 and 10 thousand 950 deaths were registered in the Americas. In North America, cases are increasing in Canada and in parts of Mexico, such as Baja California ”, Carissa F. Etienne, Director of PAHO.

PAHO made a list of countries

PAHO alerts due to the increase in Covid-19 Covid-19 continues to advance in some countries in the Americas.

He listed the six countries that may not reach the 40% vaccination rate before the end of 2021, they are: Guatemala, Haiti, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Jamaica, Saint Lucia and Grenada.

“Those are the six countries that are not going to meet the goal of having 40% at the end of the year. The most worrying situation is in Haiti due to the political crisis, the earthquake, everything that has happened in the country, which has very low coverage ”, Jarbas Barbosa, PAHO deputy director.

So far, they specified, they have identified Omicron cases in Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Mexico and the United States. PAHO experts stressed that it is still early to know the symptoms and complications of this new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

How old are the infected?

Covid-19 continues to advance in some countries in America.

“What we see in imported cases in Europe and the Americas at the moment are cases in young adults that, in our experience, have fewer complications,” said Sylvain Aldighieri, PAHO’s Incident Manager for COVID-19.

Regarding the third booster dose, he explained that whoever has immune problems should receive it with an interval of one to three months. Whereas, in the case of adults over 60 years of age who have received the Sinovac vaccines, they should receive the booster of any vaccine.

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