PAHO asks that the use of face masks be mandatory after the rebound of COVID-19

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has asked the authorities and governments of Latin America and the Caribbean to once again make the use of face masks mandatory due to the accelerated increase in cases of COVID-19 all over the world.

Carissa Etienne, director of the organization, indicated during her weekly report that the variants B4 and B5are a sign that the virus continues to evolve therefore, he asked the countries to remain on alert.

“We must use every tool at our disposal to protect ourselves, especially those of us who are vulnerable to serious illness and death,” he said.

PAHO asked to reintroduce sanitary measures

The coronavirus continues to mutate while it is transmitted Vaccination is important to control the disease

likewiseor requested that security measures be introduced to avoid a greater rise in the number of infections, since some countries already present new waves of the virus, Mexico, for example, is in its fifth wave of coronavirus.

“This means introducing public health measures like masks and social distancing when the number of cases rises. Some countries have already started to do so, it also means accelerating our efforts to reach everyone with vaccines.”

Regarding Mexico, the official indicated that the country has presented a continuous increase in cases in the last 12 weeks and in the last week, more than 166 thousand new cases were reported, an increase of 32 percent compared to the previous week.

He also explained that with the application of the vaccines, at least 4 million deaths have been avoided, for which he encouraged to continue with the vaccination campaigns.

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When not to get vaccinated against COVID-19?

Vaccination is important to control the disease

People will not be able to go to be vaccinated if they have a fever or symptoms of respiratory illness. It is also recommended that they come to be vaccinated already having breakfast and hydrated. If they have any medicine indicated by the doctor, they can take it without it being a risk to be vaccinated. It should be noted that vaccination is important to avoid a larger wave of COVID-19 in Mexico, as revealed by PAHO.

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