Palazuleos will sue Lydia Cacho for defamation

The businessman, lawyer and actor Roberto Palazuelos Badeaux, informed that he will denounce the activist Lydia Cacho for defamation and slander, for linking him in alleged illegal acts with ejido lands in the state.

The Black diamond She asserted that the information released a few days ago is an investigation that the activist carried out six years ago, and then she never mentioned it, and now, that she leads the preferences towards the governorship, she does point it out.

“I categorically deny what was published a few days ago by Ms. Lydia Cacho where she refers to an investigation that she did 6 years ago on alleged crimes around ejido lands in Quintana Roo. In said investigation he never made reference to me, which he does now, this is very strange because he mentions now that I am going in the first place towards the succession to Governor of Quintana Roo “, he asserted Palazuelos.

The Black Diamond affirmed that he will proceed civilly against Cacho, who recycled a report from six years ago, and now involves him in alleged crimes

After ensuring that you respect journalistic work, Palazuelos Badeaux He indicated that “good journalists base their information on the truth.”

For this reason he questioned that Cacho intends to stain his career, which began more than 20 years ago in Tulum.

“It is in the public domain that I have built my properties in Tulum more than 20 years ago and that I am an entrepreneur recognized by the Quintana Roo hoteliers association, so his ‘research’ now modified is clearly wrong, “he explained.

Citizen support

Along with the announcement of the complaint, a video has begun to circulate on social networks in which businessmen, activists, influencers and citizens, highlight the environmental vocation of Palazuelos Badeaux, his commitment to Quintana Roo and Tulum, and the work he has done to ensure the well-being of the state where he has established his businesses.

Palazuelos, who is seeking to be a candidate for governor in Quintana Roo, confirmed that he will take the corresponding legal actions, by civil means, and asserted that Cacho will be obliged to prove his allegations against him in court.

“I see myself in the need to take civil legal action for defamation and slander against this person, since everything he says will have to be proven in court, for that reason I have instructed my team of lawyers to document all the information that has come out in the media, to be able to present it before a jurisdictional authority. With these evidences, we will proceed against the lady so that she responds before the law ”, sentenced the Black diamond.