Pamela Vértiz: “On ‘D-Day’ we don’t collide with anyone”

The journalist Pamela Vértiz announced that this Sunday, at 9:55 pm on ATV, she returns with ‘Día D’ and clarified that she gets along well with the female figures on her channel and there is no ‘war of egos’.

“Last year was super good for ‘D-Day’, we have been in the top 5 and many times leading the ranking on Sundays, and that is a satisfaction for everyone. The essence of ‘D-Day’ is social cases, being connected with people’s daily lives and with the problems that touch them directly. So that is not going to change, but we are not going to deviate from the political issue either, because it is necessary and the public has responded well”, Pamela said.

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Will it be a challenge to maintain the first places of tuning?

My mantra, and I think the reporters have made it their own, is: ‘One Sunday at a time.’ Of course I see the rating and when we are first or second it excites me, makes me happy and I share it, but it stays there and the next thing is to start again. This is a permanent challenge, we have had tough and strong competition like Jaime Bayly, Beto Ortiz, but we have built fidelity, content and a narrative that people expect on Sunday nights. So the challenge is to maintain, with humility, that public that follows us and conquer others. We go with humility, but with the desire to continue breaking it.

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How is your relationship with Juliana (Oxenford), Magaly (Medina) and Andrea (Llosa), because it is said that there are certain disputes, a clash of egos?

In ‘D-Day’ we do not collide with anyone at all. Rather, we believe in synergy, that it works well to have a program like Andrea’s, as powerful, as a preview of ‘D-Day’ and it leaves you with a rating that, obviously, you have to keep to a minimum and, if possible, exceed it. The same in the news, if Magaly does well, obviously the news will do well because it comes with a good wave, a good life, and your responsibility and that of the producers is that it works. Andrea is my friend, I love her, I love her, she is a first class woman, brave and fighting like me, so I love her very much. I see little of Magaly, but the relationship is fantastic, we laugh when we meet socially, so that’s all good. I also see little of Juliana, but the relationship is super good, connection, cordiality and super professional. For me, zero egos, zero fights… that doesn’t go with me and it doesn’t go with ‘D-Day’ either.


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