Panama thrashes, reaches four points and sinks Jamaica

Panama thrashes, reaches four points and sinks Jamaica

Panama beat Jamaica 0-3 away this Sunday on the second day of the octagonal final of the Concacaf qualifiers towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

In the 3rd minute, Alberto Quintero provided the first goal option when he combined with Édgar Yoel Bárcenas, who finished off, but his shot was controlled by a defender.

Panama chose to press the Jamaican exit, and it bore fruit in the 14th minute when the central defender Andres Andrade he stole a ball in the middle, advanced a few meters and fired a right at Blake’s goal to make it 0-1.

The Jamaicans tried to change their game by playing with balls, but the Panamanian defense was always attentive to defuse each attack of the rival.

Panama increased the bill at 39 minutes after a Davis cross in which he appeared Rolando Blackburn with a powerful header for the 0-2. With that result, Panama handled the game more calmly until the Salvadoran referee Ismael Cornejo finished the first half.

At the start of the second period, Jamaica came out to push harder and in search of the discount.

In the 74th minute Jamaica tried when Corey Burke finished, but Mejía controlled without problems. Two minutes later Mejía returned to be a figure, taking a clear shot from a goal by Shamar Nicholson. Jamaica played better and at minute 80 knocked on the door again with a header from Roofe, but Mejía with a slap deflected the shot and saved the Panamanians again.

But when Jamaica dominated, at minute 81 ′ came the 0-3 for Panama, in a pass from Adalberto Carrasquilla to Cecilio Waterman, who took out two defenders and defined with a soft touch of the left foot before the exit of goalkeeper Blake.

With the 0-3, Panama was dedicated to handling the ball and only waited for the end of a match that came out of his mouth.
The Panamanian team, coached by Hispano-Danish Thomas Christiansen, accumulated four points in the standings, while Jamaica has yet to add.

The Panamanians will seek the leadership of the octagonal final Concacaf next Wednesday, September 8, when they face the leader, Mexico. If they win, they will take first place.

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