Pancho Rodríguez breaks his silence after expulsion from Peru and reveals that he cannot enter for five years

Pancho Rodríguez finally spoke after Amor y Fuego reported that he could not return to Peru and was stranded at the Jorge Chávez Airport for three days. According to Rodrigo González’s program, Immigration denied him entry due to the bad behavior he showed when he attended Yahaira Plasencia’s birthday in Cieneguilla several months ago, despite the fact that social gatherings were prohibited.

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Through his Instagram account, the reality boy issued a statement explaining what happened and why he had to return to Chile with his daughter.

“Last Sunday, after the celebration of the New Year in Chile, in circumstances that I was at the Jorge Chávez Airport, to be able to enter Peru again in the company of my youngest 9-year-old daughter, I was informed by the official in charge , that he could not enter Peru, since the system gave him an ‘alert’”, the Chilean wrote.

He also explained that his lawyers filed a ‘recourse of appeal’ for an administrative infraction consisting of ‘compulsory departure from the country for five years’. “It was not a crime, assured Pancho, at the same time that he confirmed that it was due to the fault he committed when attending a party in Cieneguilla. “I am still deeply sorry, I have already apologized publicly and paid a fine”, assured.

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Pancho Rodriguez She said that she had to return to Chile after spending three nights at the Lima airport because it was an uncomfortable situation for her nine-year-old daughter. In addition, he assured that he is waiting for the ‘habeas corpus resolution’ presented by his lawyers.

“I appreciate the support of my family, friends and followers who, aware of this uncomfortable and unfair impasse, have shown me solidarity and affection. I tell them that I feel fine and that I have I trust that the competent authorities, with a sense of justice, reasonableness and proportionality, will resolve my case favorably, so that I can enter Peru again, a country that I love, love and respect, where for more than seven years I have been developing my life and working honestly”, finished the reality boy.

Pancho Rodríguez breaks his silence after expulsion from Peru and reveals that he cannot enter for five years


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