Paola Rojas already dominates the animal print style with these super bold zebra pants

Paola Rojas 45 years old, has become another of the celebrities who has mastered the animal print style with great success, proof of this was how she recently arrived at work wearing zebra pants and a pale pink long-sleeved blouse with which made a very elegant combination.

In the photo you can see the driver with an impressive figure, in addition to her completely loose hair, it makes this set look wonderful, in addition to the relaxed and comfortable personality of Paola Rojas, makes everything look good on this famous.

For those who do not know for a short time, the Mexican journalist became a fashion benchmark, it could be said that since her divorce with former soccer player Zague, father of her children, the famous woman became much more versatile when it came to of dress, so now he is seen with too modern looks with which he steals glances.

“Paola, beautiful as always. Where is your sweater from? Tell me parfavaaaar”, “Wow, what a beautiful Paola… good morning and have a great weekend!!!”, “A charming beautiful woman, greetings from Guadalajara”, “Beautiful List for the weekend! You look REGIA!”, they write to Paola Rojas.

Makeup has also become the strength of this beautiful woman who uses warm tones for her face, because strong colors could make her look older, something she does not need because she has super and unique skin which she has taken great care of. over time.

In addition, the plus of these changing rooms has been the fitness body that he has, since he always tries to maintain an exact weight, since he does not want to see himself with a few extra kilos on television and although he gained them in the pandemic, immediately he lowered them by spinning one of his favorite exercises.

Although many do not believe it at the moment, Paola Rojas is single and she is not interested in walking in the fields of love at the moment, because she prefers to be a mother above all.

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