Paola Rojas paralyzes the network with a sensual black dress at 45 years old

No doubt Paola Rojas She is one of the women most spoiled by the Mexican public and who is attentive to each project in which she participates, whether it is leading the news space on Televisa, or standing out for her anecdotes on variety shows.

Although she is mostly known for being the image of the most successful morning newscast on Mexican television, the woman has also participated in projects such as Divine Neta show where the public was able to discover a different facet from the one we were used to.

However, we must not ignore its beauty that captivates the networks, since it also receives hundreds of comments every time it renews a post on Instagram or shares its day to day on said network, the same as in American Post News we will share with you below.

The sensual black dress that paralyzed social networks

The sensual black dress that paralyzed social networks Who is Paola Rojas?

Via social networks The journalist has shared various facets of her day-to-day with us, but yes, with looks that have taken our breath away from more than one of us.

With a black dress and jewelry that accentuate her radiant beauty, this publication was filled with compliments for how spectacular she looks and, to tell the truth, with a dream garment.

“Pretty as always”, “A pride to see you always, “Paola beauty tip passes”, is seen in some comments from her fans, who have followed her in her daily life.

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Who is Paola Rojas?

Who is Paola Rojas?

Originally from Mexico City, the presenter has had an outstanding step in the world of entertainment and in general in the media, being the host of the morning news of Las Estrellas and has opened spaces in other programs such as “Divine Nets” and “Who is the Mask?

Born on November 20, 1076, Paola Rojas Hinojosa is a Mexican journalist, host and businesswoman who currently has 45 years old.

Paola Rojas currently says prepared to return in the fourth season of Who is the Mask?reality show where he is the official voice and with which he has captivated the weekend audience.

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