Pápalo: Herb to control cholesterol levels and other ailments

The daddy also known as quirquiña or pápalo quelite, it is a edible herb native to Mexico, Central and South America, which has transcended in gastronomy thanks to its semi-bitter flavor that is perfect to accompany a good carnitas taco or to control cholesterol levels.

Papalo has great health benefits, among which are that it can control cholesterol levels, prevent vision problems and relieve toothaches, this according to the Government of Mexico health portal.

If you want to know more about this food to combat high cholesterol, then AmericanPost.News It shares its many benefits and the way to include it in the diet.

What is papalo?

The papaya is characterized by its green, aromatic leaves with a strong flavor, resembling the wings of a butterfly; hence it gets its name, which derives from the Nahuatl “Papaloquílitl”, where “pápalotl” means butterfly, and “quilitl”, quelite or edible herb.

The consumption of this quelite is a very old practice. In pre-Hispanic times, the Aztecs used papalo as a vegetable to accompany food and give it that characteristic bitter taste. Enjoying it in a rich vegetable salad can be a good nutritional option to include it in a Mediterranean diet.

How to include potato in the diet?

How to include the potato in the diet? Papalo benefits

Papalo is used as a traditional medicine home remedies and can also be incorporated as part of a rich green sauce. It is one of the ingredients used to make guacamole and therefore, grinding it to prepare spicy and healthy preparations is a very original way to take advantage of it.

It can also be used for season your foodYes, you can dehydrate it to grind its leaves and store it in the pantry as if it were oregano or these spices that give flavor to dishes. After all, its most common use is to flavor various dishes, such as soups, sauces, beans, salads; as well as a complement in Mexican snacks.

Papalo benefits

Papalo benefits

Among the hidden benefits that this herb could have, it is said to have properties that inhibit respiratory diseases, help reduce inflammation and pain caused by rheumatism. It is also a powerful remedy to control cholesterol levels, it is rich in antioxidants and minerals such as calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

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