Papi Eduardo Pastrana records new series with Telemundo

Cuban actor and dancer Eduardo Pastrana said that he is recording a new series with Telemundo and his character demands a transformation.

“I am recording a new series with Telemundo, I cannot say the name, nor that of my character, but I can tell you that they will not recognize me when it comes out, I have undergone a tremendous transformation, from my hair, tattoos, everything”, commented the ‘Daddy’

Will he be one of your best characters?

Without a doubt, it is the one that I have had the most fun with, although the character is not funny at all.

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You’re focused on your acting career…

Yes, definitely. Learning every day, studying and improving myself. I love it a lot, I enjoy it.

You have acted in several Telemundo productions.

Yes, I am very grateful because every day they give me better characters and more opportunities. So this 2022 I think I will be in two series at the same time. I thank God and life for everything he has given me, but without a doubt the family that I have created and the home is the best.

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By the way, your son is already a year old. Have you thought about expanding the family?

I think we’ve already closed (the factory), my baby is turning my gray hair. Seriously, it’s a lot of responsibility and time, and we want to dedicate it all to Diego.

How is the situation over there due to the coronavirus?

Here in Miami people walk as if there was nothing, crazy, but we try not to expose ourselves too much and we take good care of ourselves.


Cuban Eduardo Pastrana, better known as ‘Papi’, became known as a dancer on ‘El gran show’ and then went on to the reality competition ‘Combate’, where he was one of the most beloved participants. In addition, he had an affair with the driver Silvia Cornejo which came to an end.

Later, he decided to leave Peru and go to the United States in search of new horizons. Although, at that time, it was speculated that he left our country because he had problems with his immigration status, he clarified that he traveled because he had a casting in Los Angeles.

Already based in the United States, ‘Daddy’ develops his acting career starring in different music videos and has participated in several series, one of the best known is ‘100 days to fall in love’, where he played the character of a music producer. This series produced for the Telemundo network, was broadcast on Netflix.

Eduardo is not only doing well in the professional field, he also found love and for several years has had a relationship with his compatriot Dayana Valdes and as a result of that love, on December 24, 2020, his son Diego was born.


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